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Benefits for employees on a business trip

Why are employees often traveling for business so often overlooked in terms of benefits? Work – life balance is especially important for them!

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Turn market trends into modern non-wage benefits!

We are very different, and each of us has our favorite non-wage benefits! We are looking for new impressions, which is why we choose and test all benefits on ourselves.

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The sports card is a proven way for employees' health

Physical exercises have a beneficial effect on health and well-being, unload emotions and counteract depression. All thanks to one sports card!

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Prepaid card - what do you need to know about it?

A prepaid card - safe, practical and convenient to use - will work in many circumstances of everyday life, not just professional!

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Benefits at work support motivation ... is this a myth?!

Benefits at work are the standard of many companies in Poland today, and employees often treat them as a matter of course. How to make good use of benefits in motivation?

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Benefits for employees - which are the most popular?

What exactly are benefits? How do they work and who can get them? What benefits for employees are the most popular in Poland?

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