The strength of benefits in the company

In times of extensive efforts to find the best employees, the benefits in the company ceased to play only the social benefits for the least-paid. Increasingly, they are the company’s showcase in recruitment announcements – potential candidates pay attention to what the company offers, thus checking its commitment to the relationship with employees.

Benefits can say about the company’s philosophy, its mission, vision and values. A well-run benefit program helps to build and consolidate the organizational culture. It is worth making sure that this message is consistent – giving cash to employees we tell them little. Maybe we trust them – we believe that they will spend the money “reasonably”. For sure, however, the idea is not that we are interested in their private lives – family, friends, dreams and passions.


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Almost every medium and large company already offers some benefits. Usually, ready-made, “universal solutions” are used, which can be useful for almost every employee of a given company. The medical care or insurance financed by the employer are benefits that allow real material savings. In the context of the employer – employee communication, such benefits say “we care for you and your health”.

That’s good, but not enough! The growing expectations of employees have made these basic benefits a standard. However, to stand out on the employers’ market, you should offer something extra. How to do it?

Evenly and according to the needs

When we accept that our employees do not have to get the same benefits – just as the positions and salaries are different – we can think about what to propose to each of them. If the benefits in the company are to be the employer’s response to their needs, we must take into account the individual situation and status of each employee.

Unfortunately, the dreams of personalized benefits are often broken by the limited budget that the company has and the time it can devote to it. In spite of sincere intentions and huge commitment, the HR department’s offer of benefits can simply not go with the taste, the right moment or the preferences of the crew.

Fortunately, using an appropriate tool to manage benefits, such as a cafeteria, we can easily provide our employees with any benefits, the decision about the final choice leaving them alone!

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