Simple management of funds

The employer transfers funds from the CSBF or bonus program to individual employee accounts at the Cafeteria

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A wide range of benefits

In the Cafeteria, all the services selected by the employer are available – sports cards, medical care, movie tickets and much more!

Employees can take advantage of thousands of benefits, and the employer settles only with one supplier!

Perfect fit to the company
The Cafeteria allows simple management of benefits
– regardless of the size of the budget or the number of employees

Convenience of billing and distribution
The distribution and settlement of funds are simple, and the distribution of benefits is virtually non-existent – benefits are passed online or directly to employees

Independent choice of benefits
Employees themselves decide which benefits – here and now – will be the best for them.

Cost optimization
Employees themselves decide about the best benefits for themselves – thanks to this, the funds transferred are spent accurately and effectively!

Benefits at your fingertips
The cafeteria is available online – 24/7, and purchased benefits can be realize right away.