Cafeteria and benefits in my company

  • It depends on what provisions are in the current regulations.

    We are flexible and we have a lot of experience – we will help you match the Cafeteria to the company’s assumptions, make an appointment with an expert!

  • For your employees, you can make benefit categories available in accordance with the provisions of the Social Funds Act and additional benefits paid from other sources – such as a bonus program (revolving funds) or private money (card / transfer payment is available).

  • It is you, as an employer, who determines the amount and frequency of the top-ups  of your employees’ accounts. You can check the implementation of the transferred funds in reports that we will prepare for you.

Offer of benefits available in the Cafeteria

  • In MyBenefit we have thousands of ready-made tourism, cultural, sport and recreational benefits – everyone can choose something for themselves. Services and attractions are available all over Poland, and their prices start from a few zlotys.
    You can read more about adjusting benefits to employees here.

  • Selected benefits can be bought at any time and carried out immediately, without waiting for the sending of paper vouchers or gift cards. To perform the ordered service it is enough to show at the cashier of a cinema, play room or recreational facility, a special code received in the Cafeteria after paying for the benefit. This is also a great simplification for the HR Department, which no longer has to deal with the logistics and distribution of physical benefit carriers.

  • Many of our clients have branches in hundreds of locations, which is why we offer benefits that can be implemented in many smaller cities. We also work with more than 8,000 leisure facilities all over Poland and online store operators.

Maintenance of the Cafeteria by the employer

  • No! The cafeteria is available online, it does not require installation on your computer. When implementing the Cafeteria in a company, we offer training in its operation. In addition, each of our clients has a dedicated guardian at Benefit Systems, which supports HR in ongoing activities.
    In the Cafeteria, the company manages all benefits, which is convenient for employees, but above all relieves the HR department in administration of benefits. There is no need to look for suppliers, negotiate contracts, order and settle individual products. The employer settles for all completed purchases with one supplier – Benefit Systems.

  • In the Cafeteria, we can provide such benefits as sports cards, medical care or insurance (and other) for which the Company has concluded separate agreements. The entire process associated with the selection of such benefits will be available at the Cafeteria. Thanks to this, employees see all their benefits in one place – it helps in managing the entire benefits program in the Company, and also strengthens the employer’s message as to the total value of benefits that employees receive.

  • Apart from sports cards, which must be distributed within the company, most of the benefits selected by Employees in the Cafeteria are in the form of an electronic code. Such codes are available after logging into your user account. We download them as a PDF or rewrite them from the screen of a monitor or smartphone, and then show them at the box office of a cinema or other object. For cultural events that require it, we send tickets by post directly to the address indicated by the Employee.