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Culture tickets for employees is one of the most desired benefits in Polish companies! At the MyBenefit Cafeteria, your employees will find tickets and vouchers for the most interesting premieres and performances of the biggest stars!

Let's go to the cinema!

Everybody goes to the cinema – regardless of age, position or interests … And MyBenefit cooperates with the largest cinema chains in Poland (Cinema City, Helios, Multikino) and almost one hundred local institutions. It’s over 200 cinemas in Poland!

The prices of tickets available in the Cafeteria are very attractive compared to the prices of tickets available directly at the cinema. You can have even more for the same amount! The form of tickets (electronic code sent in SMS) allows for convenient implementation immediately after ordering and does not require distribution by the HR department.

My Benefit
My Benefit
Do you prefer ballet or cabaret?

In the offer of culture benefits of the MyBenefit Cafeteria, everyone will find something for themselves! We offer tickets for the most popular theaters in Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw. We work with artistic agencies that invite you to cabaret performances and closely follow the map of the next opera performances.

It happens that tickets for these events are no longer available in regular sales, and in the Cafeteria they still are! Every week, we complete the offer with another 100 … and even 200 new titles!


Let the music play!

Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Coldplay, Guns N ‘Roses …
Is it Rihanna?
Or even Andrea Bocelli?
Each of these concerts could be seen by your employees!

If they prefer open-air festivals, let’s propose them tickets and tickets at the Open’er Festival, Cracow Live Festival, Orange Warsaw Festival or Tauron Nowa Muzyka.

If they do not find their favorite artist in our offer, they can take advantage of the rich offer of events available on the eBilet.pl and Eventim.pl portals.


My Benefit
My Benefit
Do you need a bit of seriousness?

We know what’s going on in culture! That is why we are constantly working on developing the offer of culturel benefits for employees – one of the new products at the MyBenefit Cafeteria are tickets to the most interesting museums in Poland.

Do you want to see the underground of the Cracow Market Square? Family home of John Paul II, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum or Silesian Museum?

You can visit them after work or leave for the whole weekend (check the offer of tourist benefits). You can buy tickets for the selected museum along the way.


…that each of your employees would like to go to their dream culture event.
And at the end of the month he or she brings an invoice for the tickets he has bought … is it possible at all?

Fortunately, everything can be easy! Thanks to the fact that we are up to date with trends in culture, we can offer your employees the most interesting events. With the organizers, on the other hand, we settle ourselves – regardless of how many of your employees took part in the performance or concert, you will receive one collective accounting document from us.

And a full report so you know what’s going on!

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