The best benefit after work – relax! Just as you like!

Added: 10.12.2019

Workshops on effective management of free time are becoming more and more popular, because as it turns out, we can’t rest. And it is relaxation, which consists of the development of interests and physical activity, that positively affects our health and well-being, therefore it should be number one as a benefit after work!

To really relax, you must first try to forget about work after leaving the office. It is not easy and, contrary to appearances, this problem affects many people. Research shows that more than half of us cannot relax, because in our free time we still think about current tasks or unfinished business. We also admit it directly: every fifth person worries about work regularly and is nervous when they cannot stop, despite efforts or other duties.

The lack of adequate, i.e. effective rest, as well as inefficient postponement of business matters for the next business day, however, has a very bad effect on our health. Not only does it make us feel permanently tired or have a bad mood, it also causes sleep problems and heart disease. Although too much work or stress gives similar results, it is more and more often said that we ourselves are often to blame for our malaise.

Rest at work

Physiotherapists and doctors advise to get up once an hour if we sit at the desk, walk, even along the corridor, talk to someone, breathe fresh air, if possible. In this way we will let our body rest, but also our mind. Changing the place is also important. To forget about current affairs for a moment, you have to leave the desk and leave the room in which we work. If we have time for a meal, we should eat it in the social room, kitchen or outside the office.

In order not to think about working at home, at the end of the day it is good to have the feeling that we have completed the tasks entrusted to us. Therefore, it is worth setting real goals, of course, if we are not chased by deadlines, setting priorities, composing task lists. It will allow us to leave work without feeling unfulfilled.

Benefit after work – choose the best for yourself

Experience – just as you like!

Developing interests and hobbies, passions and talents definitely helps distract you from your work. This will help us relax, but also develop creativity, increase self-esteem and strengthen motivation. Numerous studies indicate that there is a relation between art and health: involvement in artistic creation reduces stress, anxiety and fear as well as mood swings. In addition, people who perform activities that require creativity, have a positive attitude more often, and are more likely to work in teams and help others.

Be active – just as you like!

Physical activity is one of the best ideas for a benefit after work – it improves mood, reduces stress, stamina and health. It seems obvious, but we often forget how important sport is, especially in a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise, stimulate circulation and oxygenate the brain, strengthen muscles, correct posture deficit, burn calories and de-stress. If we do it regularly, we also improve concentration and memory, and when it accompanies commitment, we learn discipline. About the fact that we will just feel better and look better, and therefore our self-confidence and self-esteem will increase, probably you do not need to be reminded?

Develop yourself – just as you like!

Microsoft founder Bill Gates reads fifty books a year, one per week. Elon Musk, president of the SpaceX space industry enterprise, apparently learned from books how to build rockets. Reading, we explore the world without leaving home, and we set its borders only with our own interests. Among the practical skills that we shape at that time, we can mention, for example, the development of communication skills, i.e. the ease of formulating arguments. Relaxing with a book in the evening is also a great training for your imagination and creativity.

Peace of mind – the most desirable benefit after work

What else is worth doing after working hours to not only relax, but also develop and just spend time interestingly? First of all, turn off your mobile devices or at least mute them. People who live in cities should remember about the time spent in nature. Even if you can’t go to the mountains or the countryside every weekend, you can definitely find an hour to go for a walk in the park. Contact with nature calms down but is also good for our health. The opportunity to breathe fresh air and expose your face to the sun seems invaluable to people who spend most of their time in air-conditioned rooms and artificial lighting.

To be able to work effectively and successfully, you must learn to rest. There are many ways and they have been proven for years, but it is worth, especially today, to realize that nothing regenerates like reading, walking, playing sports or developing passion. A well-planned day is not only a professionally prepared agenda, but also ideas for what you can do in your free time. Let’s take care of our health and well-being. Let’s take care of ourselves!

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