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Company development and recruitment trends

The end of the social year summary of whether and how this year's recruitment trends affect the company's development. If you need detailed ideas now have run out of time, resources or resources, it's worth implementing them next year.

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Kategoria: Employer Branding

Employer branding - first steps in building an image strategy

Caring for a credible image is primarily an investment in the company's development. Good employer branding helps in hiring and retaining employees.

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Kategoria: Motivation and Commitment, Recruitment and Career

On the role of onboarding in the employee motivation process

Do you look after new employees from the first moments in the company? It is worth organizing a good onboarding process and thus make a great impression on them at the beginning of cooperation!

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Kategoria: Employer Branding, Recruitment and Career

Employer branding - fashion or an effective tool?

The employer's brand speaks about the company's image on the outside as well as the internal sphere - that is, the company's employees. Employer branding is addressed to all people who, having contact with the company, have a chance to form an opinion on it, but primarily to build the company's image as an attractive workplace. 

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Kategoria: Benefits for employees, Employer Branding, Recruitment and Career

Non-wage benefits – should we mention them in the recruitment advertisement?

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