Challenges of a modern recruiter – recruitment of employees in the IT industry

The IT and technology industry are considered to be extremely attractive in terms of earnings and development. For young people who are just beginning their careers, this is a very tasty treat. And it is a challenge for recruiters as the recruitment of employees in IT looks slightly different than usual – candidates have very specific requirements and pay attention to very specific issues. They focus primarily on the recruitment process and the conditions of subsequent work, and it is on their basis that candidates decide (or not) to work in a given company. In the event of failure, they usually don’t give the company a second chance!

A must have of a recruitment process in the IT industry

For a recruitment advertisement to attract the attention of IT industry candidates, it must contain very detailed and specific information. The job description should include technologies that will be used in everyday work and everything that is unconventional in the company or gives employees the opportunity to develop. The key in the recruitment announcement are the so-called financial range within which the proposed remuneration falls. Not every employer wants to publish such information. It should be remembered, however, that their absence significantly reduces the popularity of the advertisement, and therefore the chances of applications of interesting candidates.

Enormous competition among employers and a dynamic recruitment rate generate the need for instant feedback to candidates. People from the IT industry usually take part in several recruitments simultaneously and at the same time work for the current employer. That is why the employment decision should be made and forwarded immediately – the lack of feedback will most likely result in the candidate choosing another offer. If we want to thank you for participating in recruitment without offering a position, feedback should be constructive and contain information about the good sides of the interview and the weaker ones – so that the candidate knows what he or she can work on in order to achieve better results in the future. And that they would like to talk to us again when in a few years we meet again in the recruitment process, which, contrary to appearances, is very possible.

Key factors in choosing a new workplace


Contrary to popular belief about monotonous and repetitive work in IT, specialists in this industry do not like boredom at all! Work is to be a chance for their continuous development and enable them to gain new experiences. When asked by us what they pay special attention to when choosing an employer, candidates from the IT industry often highlight similar issues. They include:

Participation in an interesting project

Everyone would like to be a member of an important team and have a real impact on the development of a company or business. Awareness of co-creating an innovative product or application that really helps people in everyday life is an important motivator for everyday work, and thus the determinant of decisions about choosing an employer. During the recruitment interview, the candidates pay attention to the technologies used by the company, project methods and any innovations that will bring a breath of freshness and the possibility of their own development to everyday work.

Development and specialized vocational training

IT specialists do not like to duplicate known schemes and work on the same over and over again, and two years in the same place and with the same project is definitely too long. They change their jobs mainly to learn and develop new skills, which is why they want to know what their career path will look like for a given employer, what they will be able to learn and learn and what technologies to learn. It is extremely important during recruitment to offer the candidate an individual training and development plan as well as participation in thematic conferences or the possibility of obtaining worldwide industry certificates.

Possibility of remote work and flexible hours

IT professionals value a flexible approach – they don’t like rigid working hours, and home office is often the only acceptable form of cooperation for them. Due to the popular task time in this industry, it is possible to achieve and very convenient for both parties. However, it is worth arranging the contact of IT employees with each other and other teams, organizing company meetings – business and less formal, during which they will be able to get to know each other, talk and exchange ideas or comments.

Salary and benefits

A good atmosphere at work and an interesting project are not everything. For IT professionals, salary and all benefits that are associated with employment are key factors. The recruiters emphasize that with very even rates proposed by companies, it is more and more often non-wage benefits that determine the involvement of candidates. Knowing the scope of offered benefits and the amount of salary, candidates can decide at the stage of the recruitment process whether they want to participate in it at all, thus saving their and recruiter’s time if the offer does not meet their expectations. To tempt employees from the IT industry, benefits should meet their needs – support development, health and physical activity as well as relaxation and interesting forms of spending time after work. For those specialists who will work in the company’s headquarters, office equipment is also important – table football, Xbox or hammocks in the relaxation area are increasingly standard in organizations that focus on employee comfort. But the benefits also include attractive retirement plans, language training or lunch cards – all of which will make the employee feel the concern of his employer.

Clear communication means successful recruitment!

Clear and complete messages are particularly valued in the IT industry. If the information contained in the recruitment announcement or given during the meetings answers the candidates’ questions, we have a good chance of success! The more understatements, secrets and surprises – the worse and the more discouraged the other party. It is worth to interest the candidate in the company’s operations, its environment, industry and everything that distinguishes it from hundreds of similar organizations. IT professionals value challenges, interesting projects and an unconventional approach!

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