Benefits for employees’ children – the most interesting proposals for children’s day!

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Added: 13.05.2019

Children’s day is getting closer and closer, so we suggest the most interesting gifts for children! It is also a great opportunity to analyze how many parents we have in our company and to consider whether it is not worth including non-wage benefits in the program benefits for employees’ children . It may involve an increase in the budget, but it does not have to, and certainly does not mean additional work for the HR department! The MyBenefit cafeteria is a ready range of proposals for all families and children – of all ages!

Joyful afternoon in the hometown

There are places that are always worth visiting, even if we have been there hundreds of times. They are simply adored by children, and at the same time we usually have them close – to home, school or work – and going out together does not require complicated organization or planning. Many of them allow you to enter with the MultiSport card (among the cards offered to employees there are also those for children), and tickets to all of them can be bought at the MyBenefit Cafeteria – as part of the benefits for children and for yourself.

Depending on what we like the most, we can go to an aquapark or a trampoline park. After a day at school and work, a bit of activity is very desirable! A perfect place for afternoon craze is also playrooms, full of structures for climbing and sliding down and other children who can be invited to play together. This is all regardless of the weather outside, because indoor facilities are open all year. If, however, we prefer entertainment in a more stationary version, a great idea will always be going to the cinema together.

When the weather is favorable for us, we can go with the whole family to the zoo. Observation of animals is interesting for children at every stage of life, although of course interest in specific species or detailed knowledge about them change with age. Older kids will also be interested in science parks and virtual reality game salons. And they can be persuaded to escape the Escape room together or have a family bowling game?

Performances and shows for children

Kids tend to be in theater   as part of school trips but discovering new performances with the family is a completely different matter. The Cafeteria’s partners know this and, as a benefit for the employees’ children, they offer tickets for various performances. At the Kielce Dance Theater, we can see   in Wonderland   stepping centipedes. The Warsaw Capitol Theater invites you to a musical version of the classics, that is   Hazel and Gretel and Aladdin’s wonderful with special multimedia shows. The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic has moved the hero of the Jungle Book into the city, but the viewer will soon see the similarities of these two worlds.

The Municipal Miniatura Theater in Gdansk also reached for classics and presented   A wizard from the Land of Oz   and   Seven Dwarfs. Opole Teatr Lalek i Aktora reminds the story of   Pan Kleks and in Gorzów Philharmonic one can meet the strongest and most freckled girl in the world – Pipi. A completely different, but how current topic was chosen on the ATM scene in Wrocław, where King Plastic and Queen Foil are plotting to gain power over the world. All these stories will be very informative for children, and at the same time beautiful and different from cartoons displayed on home televisions!

A weekend full of attractions for the whole family

Spending free time at home usually ends up cleaning, laundering and catching up from the last days. Some of the housework tasks such as mowing the lawn, gardening or car washing on a hot day can be turned into a family fun. However, most of them are an unpleasant duty that has nothing to do with relaxation and regeneration after a week at work and school. Therefore, we encourage you to sometimes run away from home for weekend –weekend with the whole family– and spend it completely in a different way!

If we do not have an idea for such a trip, just look at the Cafeteria and look for inspiration among our benefits for children There are rope parks that develop in children movement coordination and courage as well as dinosaur parks, where we stand eye to eye with Tyrannosaur and Diplodocus in a 1: 1 scale! Miniature parks in which we will see the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty next to each other, or old mines through which we will ride the original rail car. Amateurs of stronger sensations can race on karts or try Poland’s largest theme parks – Legendia and Energylandia. A weekend outside the city can be planned or organized completely spontaneously It is important to squeeze out as much joy, positive emotions and good memories as possible!

Learning and carefree fun

For years, the most popular benefit for employees’ children has been packages with sweets and toys and gift cards for stores with such an assortment. And today you can choose this direction, especially since the toy market has grown unusually in a few years. A timeless hit, loved by all, are LEGO bricks, available in thousands of variants, tailored to the interests and capabilities of children of all ages. It is a genius toy that develops imagination and creativity – it allows you to create fancy constructions and vehicles, as well as staging incredible stories of your own or of well-known protagonists.

Children’s list of dream gifts includes also books and DVDs with beloved fairy tales, game consoles and new games, but also experimental sets (microscopes, exploding volcanoes, ant breeding, etc.) as well as robots that can be programmed by yourself. More active ones will certainly enjoy a bike or scooter, or – in a smaller budget – a backpack. Older kids can choose a decent trekking backpack, and the little ones will surely be happy to see their favorite heroes – dogs from Dog Patrol or Elsa from Frozen.

Remember that much more important than what we will do is to do it together. Time is the most valuable gift that we can give to our relatives. The time when we are just for them – without hurry, phone calls, scrolling through Facebook and looking at the company mailbox… will be remembered for a very long time!

Check what interesting   benefits for children and whole family can be found by your employees in the MyBenefit Cafeteria!

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