Celebrate with us! Let us introduce the Non-Wage Benefits Day


Discover the power of Benefits!

Are you an employee?

Are you an employer?

Do you get or give benefits to others?

Maybe you create completely new benefits, or you handle them on a daily basis?

Celebrate with us – we are announcing December 21 the Non-Wage Benefits Day!

We wish everyone who receives benefits from their Employer,

that they would use at least one of them on this day!

Thank you to everyone who manages benefits in their work!

We wish you only effective benefits and fruitful cooperation

– with the Employees, the Employer and all the Partners.

Everyone who, just like us, creates benefits,

we wish you unlimited ideas and benefits,

that people from all over Poland will love!

What are non-wage benefits?

In order to reach the best specialists, Companies are increasingly taking care of their image as an employer. Benefits have naturally become one of the elements of Employer Branding and a distinguishing feature of the offer that Employers propose to candidates at the recruitment stage. The word benefit comes from the words bene (Latin good) and facere (Latin do). This means that Employers offering benefits to their Employees want to make their lives better! Why?

They are increasingly treating them as members of one community – gathered around the same mission and goals, working for a joint organization and spending most of the day with each other. People treated in this way feel appreciated – for their work, knowledge and presence. They receive from the Employer real support and inspiration for development and activity, and thus feel better at their workplace and perceive the Company in a completely different way. Gifted with thoughtful, tailored benefits, they are ready to repay with greater commitment, open communication or ideas for innovative solutions. They feel good at their workplace and it is harder to persuade them to change.

Impact of benefits on the lives of employees in Polish companies

Companies in Poland care for their employees in many ways. Supporting them for the sake of health and future, they offer private medical care, sports, health and preventive programs as well as life insurance or retirement program. They facilitate the implementation of daily, private duties and help save time or money by subsidizing childcare, travel to work, meals and with the help of the concierge service. Increasingly, also through benefits, Employers inspire Employees to be active – regularly engage in sports, travel, participate in cultural events and other interesting forms of spending free time with family and friends. They motivate to develop, learn foreign languages ​​or find new passions. They encourage people to break away from their duties after work and take care of themselves – to regenerate, relax and rest in their favorite way. Such benefits, regardless of their financial value, will stay with employees for longer and help build a bond with the supervisor and the entire company.

Benefit financing

By definition, the benefit is an additional benefit that an Employee may receive at the workplace. Usually it is financed by the Employer, although a popular solution is also co-financing (i.e. partial payment) of the selected benefit by the Employee themselves. Types and rules for granting employee benefits depend on the company – department in which we work, position, seniority and amount of remuneration, implementation of annual or quarterly goals or participation in a successful project may be of importance.

Employers in Poland can count on concessions and facilitating the settlement of non-wage benefits for employees – some are exempt from contributions to the Social Fund (ZUS) or income tax (up to a certain amount). If the employer runs the Company Social Benefits Fund and finances employee benefits from it, he or she is bound by the provisions of the Act on Social Benefits Fund, which clearly defines the purposes of spending such a fund. If the benefits are paid from current assets, the company can freely decide on the form and type of benefits granted.

Non-Wage Benefits Day

Being aware of the growing importance of good benefit programs – both from the point of view of the Company and the Employee – we announce December 21 Non-Wage Benefits Day! This is a great opportunity to celebrate for everyone who receives benefits on a daily basis, who deals with benefits in their work – supports employees in their implementation and coordinates the entire program of benefits in the company. And for everyone who, like us, creates benefits and tools that support companies in managing and tailoring benefits to the needs of employees.

Why exactly December 21? This is the day on which the MyBenefit Company was founded (then TravelPass) – the creator of the first Cafeteria in Poland full of inspiring non-wage benefits, as well as the creator and publisher of TravelPass tourist vouchers. It is also the time when most employees in Poland receive benefits! On the occasion of the end of the year and the upcoming holidays, many Employers prepare a variety of gifts – from packages, through vouchers and cards, to additional top-ups at the Cafeteria!

Enter this day into your calendar and celebrate! Just as you like.

MyBenefit Team



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