Idea for a weekend – Polish city break

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Added: 05.07.2018

In spite of the grass being greener on the other side, more and more often we meet with the form of national tourism known as the city break. A weekend spent in a city other than your own, good company and great fun is a great idea to recharge your batteries before the upcoming week. There are many possibilities – beautiful cities, interesting museums and amusement parks await us as Poland long and wide.

What to choose for a city break and how to organize it?

Planning a weekend is usually difficult and takes a lot of time – it involves choosing a destination, searching for accommodation, choosing attractions and booking or purchasing admission tickets. It is so interesting that we often give up the trip, because we just lack the time and will to organize such a trip. What to do to make it easier?

Plan with the Cafeteria and combine benefits!

Do you prefer accommodation with half board, sauna and swimming pool or rather a low-budget option? From among more than 1,700 places available in the MyBenefit Cafeteria offer, you can easily choose the best suited hotel or guesthouse.
What’s next? It’s all up to you! In the Cafeteria, you can buy tickets and tickets for additional attractions that you want to visit. We offer museums for history enthusiasts, theaters and concerts for fans of cultural novelties, playrooms for families with children and amusement parks for lovers of science or adrenaline.

Convenience in the organization of such a trip via the Cafeteria also hides in the possibility of buying last-minute benefits – the platform is available online, all the time, thanks to which, for example, we can buy tickets to the zoo while on the way to Wroclaw and enjoy a visit to the only Africarium in Poland just in a moment. If you lack an idea, rely on our inspirations – thanks to the hints you will not miss any important events

Pay with points from your employer!

What could be better in traveling than the possibility to finance a trip from the money other than those in our wallets? For the benefits in the Cafeteria – accommodation, tickets, vouchers – pay with funds received from the Employer. Depending on the number of collected points, you can use them in whole or in part, as well as pay with a card or bank transfer if there were no points at the key moment.
The profits are obvious – after an interesting and exciting weekend, we come back to work relaxed and full of energy!

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