Money or experience? What will your employees be happier about?

Added: 17.12.2018

Be original – the motto of the 21st century!

Originality is a sign of our time – each of us likes to stand out and present something that is unconventional and goes beyond accepted standards. The trend is visible in individuals, in larger social groups, as well as among employers. Offering permanent employment, regular salary, medical care or insurance is no longer a distinguishing feature. Moreover, more and more often benefits such as free coffee or company car are excluded from what we call benefit and treated as basic work tools. According to the more and more common idea “money is not everything”, more and more often we want to get experiences, emotions and unforgettable impressions. How does this relate to the role of the Employer? Can they also provide employees something that goes beyond the standard? What allows employees not only to stand out in society, but also makes the organization stand out from the competition? How to take care of originality in terms of benefits in the company?

Benefit – what is it by definition?

An employee benefit: a non-wage measure to motivate employees. It has a non-cash form – it is an allowance independent of salary. By design, it should motivate you to work more efficiently and attach to the Employer. Employee benefits should not be confused with bonuses, which are a component of current remuneration, depending on meeting the set criteria.

In Poland, benefits appeared during the Polish People’s Republic and were primarily a purposeful financial supplement, often granted during the holiday season. In turn, benefits in the West appeared much earlier, but took extremely different forms – from paid leave to life insurance financing. At present, the benefit is everything that the Employer offers, which is not included in the basic salary – a business car or telephone, pension contribution, as well as medical care and free coffee in the office.


Gift cards as a benefit

Although companies are increasingly giving up cash in an envelope, the financial allowance is still a common benefit for employees – it can take the form of gift vouchers and prepaid cards, but the result of transferring such a benefit is very similar, we are dealing simply with offering money.

A gift card or voucher does not really differ from cash – they are just another form of its transfer. According to specialists, employee benefit is a non-cash allowance that should not be confused with a bonus. By giving the employee a card on which a certain amount of money is to be used, we lose the idea of providing employees with something above average and truly unique. Employers do not distinguish it on the market in any way – the possibility of shopping is not anything that will remain in the memory of employees for a long time…

Original benefit instead of cash!

Giving employees the opportunity to choose benefits we give them a chance for an amazing experience in amusement parks, good fun in the theater or the joy of a dream vacation spent with the whole family. Unconventional entertainment? Of course! Aerodynamical tunnel, flight simulator or music theater – all this is available at the MyBenefit Cafeteria. By guaranteeing funds in the form of points that can be used for certain benefits, but cannot be withdrawn in cash, we are sure that employees will do something for themselves. Something that will let them feel joy, and maybe even make their dreams come true? They will be able to try something new, discover new passions or interests, places, people. Does this sound better than additional grocery shopping?

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