The 10 most-unusual benefits for employees

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Added: 28.01.2019

Medical care, health insurance or sports passes for employees in many companies in Poland are already the basis of non-wage benefits. What’s more, it allows you to keep the best employees in the company outside salary? See what unusual employee benefits they offer around the world and what you can offer in your company!

Employee benefits and experiences

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The most memorable are those things that affect our emotions. The harder we experience something, the greater the chance that we will remember it more. It is worth remembering about offering non-wage benefits to employees. In the end, when the employee goes on a longed-for vacation, which will finance the dream of flying as a pilot, taking advantage of the fun of the flight simulator, much nicer and warmer will think about your employer and will be more willing to get involved in the tasks assigned to them.

However, it is not easy to decide on something specific when there are so many possibilities! The cafeteria system turns out to be a big help, which allows employees to decide what to choose. But what’s interesting there?

The most interesting benefits in the world

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Large companies around the world compete in the non-wage benefits offered to employees. Help in quitting smoking, “Panda Fridays” – that is, every other Friday free, paid leave for school child affairs and discounts on the Barbie doll, climbing wall in the office and diving on exotic islands, free flights by plane. Furthermore? Concierge for employees, acupuncture, free food, bowling, basketball courts, monthly holidays with the reimbursement of travel expenses, vacation to develop your own business – these are just some of the unusual benefits you can find in the global job market.

Unusual benefits in Poland

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In Poland, companies are also outdoing ideas about what to offer to their employees. Some offer massage in the workplace and diet programs, other child care or a nursery at the workplace. However, these are not the only atypical benefits that the employer can offer to the employees! There are many more possibilities!


Gift vouchers? Stand out!

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We will find a whole range of benefits on the market that will allow us to stand out from companies and win the best specialists in the industry. Nevertheless, it is difficult to define what kind of activity the non-wage benefit will be best for our employees. And if the employee decides what benefit is the most interesting for him, and we will only give him the tools and a wide offer? And in the offer … wind tunnel, rafting, rope park, climbing wall, Expedition Express terrain game and many other attractions that will allow you to take your thoughts away from work, relax and experience an unforgettable adventure!

The employer can offer employees not only activities full of adventures and adrenaline, but also … RESTING! A visit to the Cafe of Sleep, a visit to a sauna or SPA – help relax and get a satisfied employee who will come back to work with new energy!

Where to get ideas for unusual benefits for employees?

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In the MyBenefit Cafeteria you have all the benefits and hundreds of others available in one place. Gift vouchers, tickets to the cinema, theater or museum or trip to the Energylandia or Legendia theme park? You do not have to search!



And what other unusual benefits will you choose?

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