The cafeteria of benefits a convenient way to diverse non-wage benefits

Many companies today put the well-being and comfort of employees among their priorities. There is a reason – no company will work well without qualified staff, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find one! Already during the first interview we can come across high and clearly specified expectations of candidates. Among the important criteria there are benefits, sense of security and employer’s attitude to all facilities for employees. Salary is not enough today – a comprehensive approach to the employee and their needs are today the main threads in the activities of human resources management teams.

Benefit package – crucial convenience

pakiet benefitów - wygoda na wagę złota

People are looking for comfort at every step. Young employees especially expect care and savings – of time and energy. They want to be effective not only in the office! Also, in private life, they try to organize their activities to have time for all the attractions. Thanks to the help of mobile applications – innovative calendars, reminders and planning assistants, they are able to find time for work, workouts, a little entertainment every day and rest. They look for similar facilities at the workplace and expect benefits – paper applications for medical care or collecting cinema tickets and invoices for services to get a refund from the company – are too time-consuming and unnecessary confusion.

Medical care, life insurance and sports card are already a standard for most Employers. It is important for the employee to be able to adapt such a package of benefits to their needs – not everyone will be interested in insurance “for an accompanying person” or a sports card for children. Flexibility is of great importance – the employee will appreciate if the benefit package can be freely changed at any time. The possibility of such a change or ordering another service via the online platform, without the need to visit the HR department, is a great convenience.

What else can the Employer offer to comprehensively respond to the needs of employees?

The cafeteria package – more options

pakiet benefitów - swoboda wyboru

Employers are increasingly opting for rich benefits packages for their employees – they choose ready -made cafeteria systems to facilitate the selection and service of benefits program. This solution, which broadens the offer of benefits with realizable benefits at any time, such as cinema and theater tickets, tickets to theme parks or playrooms. At the same time, it gives Employees complete freedom to choose benefits and ensures equal access to the offer for all employees. Without discriminating any interests, cafeteria packages should include benefits in the field of sports, culture, tourism and recreation – young people expect that the Employer will take care of them after work.

Cafeteria of benefits – freedom of choice

kafeteria benefitów

The cafeteria of benefits is an online platform with thousands of various non-wage benefits for employees. The offer of benefits is adapted to a wide group of recipients – thanks to the variety of proposals, it can be used by people of all ages, with various needs. Funds from the Employer, derived from the bonus program or the Social Fund, are transferred to individual Employee accounts. Each of them independently disposes of this money – spends on a regular basis or saves for larger purchases. He or she can choose benefits for themselves or the whole family, without dealing with bills or tickets, because the settlement for the benefits provided will be made directly by the employer with the Cafeteria operator, based on a collective report including the selection of all employees in detail.

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