TravelPass travel vouchers – an ideal gift for employees

Holidays, tours and short city break – who does not like it? Tourism, both domestic and foreign, has been breaking records in recent years. We like to rest! Some people prefer to relax in the SPA, more active ones on the mountain trail. Can the Employer help the employees choose the right form of relaxation to make them feel refreshed but also appreciated? Yes! The ideal solution is  Travelpass vouchers.

One voucher – thousands of possibilities

bony turystyczne TravelPass PODRÓŻE

We will not know the preferences of all the employees of our company. Even if there are not many of them, the tastes and departure plans can change in a few moments! How can the employer organize a trip for them to ensure everyone’s joy and satisfaction? The easiest and the best – by handing over travel vouchers to employees, thanks to which they will choose the destination, date and, above all, the form of their trip.

Depending on the needs and preferences of the employees or company profile, you can benefit from a diverse offer of vouchers. Various proposals give the opportunity to adapt them to the occasion, under which they will be given to employees. Before holidays, a voucher for holidays abroad will be better, and in the middle of a foggy November, a spa voucher can be a joy! The choice of  tourist vouchers  is in the hands of the Employer.  Travelpass vouchers  can be used for domestic trips and trips to distant countries, for ski trips, airline tickets, hotel reservations, treatments in SPA salons and for fantastic experiences, such as a balloon flight or a sea cruise. Inspire your employees to unforgettable experiences!

Holidays in a luxurious resort under palm trees

This is a perfect proposition for those who appreciate rest at a tropical beach, in a place full of exotic culture. Diving on a coral reef, accommodation in a bungalow over transparent water or observation of wild animals on Safari – with the Travelpass tourist voucher  all these attractions are at your fingertips!

bony turystyczne dla pracowników city break

Exciting weekend in a European capital

GHot Barcelona, ​​romantic Paris or mysterious London? Or maybe Prague full of monuments or elegant Vienna? There are as many ideas as there are many cities in Europe!Some prefer intensive sightseeing with a camera in hand, others a quiet relaxation in the romantic scenery.  The Travelpass voucher   allows you to take advantage of the offer of many proven tour operators, such as Rainbow Tours, Itaka or Neckermann. Adjusting the trip to your requirements is not a problem – we can choose one of the ready trips organized from A to Z, or book only air tickets and spend a spontaneous weekend in your dream location.

Ski week in an alpine village

bony turystyczne wyjazd na narty

White madness gives a lot of fun! It greatly affects the physical shape, and at the same time relaxes and unwinds.During the Christmas and winter period, outdoor recreation is for many a perfect escape from everyday life. By offering travel vouchers to employees so that they can spend their winter holidays just the way they like, the Employer will gain their satisfaction and gratitude. Maybe this is the voucher that is the perfect Christmas gift?It will definitely be used much better than additional, easy-to-spend cash. It is worth remembering that when buying tourist vouchers, the Employer does not pay VAT for them!

Relaxing stay in the SPA

Massage with hot stones, long baths in the pool and cleansing evenings in the sauna … Luxury SPA hotels offer a lot of pleasant treatments, thanks to which you relax and unwind not only the body, but also the mind. After the whole weekend, in such a place, our satisfaction of life increases, we have a lot more energy and we are in a better mood. For families, a great solution will be the Day SPA offer, that is treatments at SPA salons in the place of our residence. Travelpass SPA Vouchers   are an ideal reward for employees and their relatives – handing them as part of the bonus for achieving goals, we will gain not only the employee’s gratitude, but also a guarantee that they will be at least so much involved in the next projects.

Vouchers and employees’ dreams

Going beyond the standards of bonuses and material prizes we offer the Employee not only additional gratification, but above all leisure, experiences and the opportunity to discover unknown places. In addition, how and when it is the most convenient for them.

We often put away our dreams of traveling due to financial reasons – usually something else is a priority. It is even better to give employees travel vouchers and support them in the implementation of plans and winning the world!


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