What about movie tickets?

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Added: 27.03.2018

Companies are increasingly offering their employees gym passes, additional life insurance or a private health care package. And what about cultural benefits? Is it worth investing in financing cinema and theater tickets for employees?

Work-life balance in your company

People who do not have time for family life often feel tired and exhausted. Problems in relations with loved ones affects the activity at work. This can lead to a continuous, high level of stress, loss of efficiency, and eventually even burnout. The employee is the most important capital of the company and it is worth taking care of its well-being. Offering him a ticket to a concert of a favorite artist or movie ticket is close to the popular work-life balance idea that encourages a balance between work and private life. A happy employee is less ill, copes better with stress and shows greater creativity.

Get new employees and keep the present ones

Benefits are at the forefront of motivating factors to undertake work. According to Deloitte, as much as 65% of the managerial staff is afraid of losing employees. A well-built team is the result of many months of work of all its members. A well-connected and well-understood team is an investment that gives tangible benefits. Frequent redundancies in the company negatively affect its results. To get and most importantly keep loyal employees, the company must offer them more than a monthly payment.

Build commitment and encourage cooperation

Choosing proper benefits, the employer will create an employee relationship, in which people pay back their loyalty to the brand and involvement in the tasks they perform. The entrepreneur choosing benefits should take into account the needs and passions of the employees, individually approach their interests. Offering tickets to the cinema, theater or concert, the employer leaves the employee the choice of the title or the date of the event. On the other hand, it motivates a given person to leave the house, spend time with other people and open up to them.

Employees like to go to the cinema and theater

The benefits most often chosen in the MyBenefit Cafeteria are cinema tickets, fully financed by the employer from the Company Social Benefits Fund or revolving funds. Concerts and performances in the most popular theaters are also very popular, and in the Cafeteria you can often buy tickets that are no longer available for sale in public. It also makes the benefits packages made available by employers more attractive.

People using culture life are less stressed. Going out with their relatives spending a nice time, and being with art promotes the development and preservation of an open mind. Such employees are worth having in your company. An enterprise that offers this type of benefits invests in a positive atmosphere, thanks to which it gains loyal and committed specialists. Satisfaction with the work of a particular unit has an impact on the company’s success.

After all, the employee is a quiet ambassador of the brand in which he or she works.

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