What is a cafeteria system? Get to know MyBenefit, the first cafeteria system in Poland

Added: 12.10.2018

Today, when employee benefits are indispensable in every company, the tools that allow us to better manage them become important. The cafeteria systems are getting a more popular solution, available in many variants in Poland.

What is a cafeteria system and how does it work?

What are the benefits of a cafeteria system for employees, and which for the employer?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cafeteria systems?

A cafeteria system – what is it?

A cafeteria system is by far the most convenient solution for the modern non-pay benefit market. It not only offers a wide range of ready-made benefits from various areas and locations, available in one place. It also allows employees to independently decide and choose what is most attractive to them.

Most cafeteria systems in Poland operate on the principle of an online platform, under which each employee of the company has its own individual account. The employer decides which benefits will be available in the cafeteria system for employees of the company, as well as whether and what resources employees will have at their disposal to purchase these benefits.

It is important for the employer to minimize the group of benefit providers, have full control over the budget to be allocated for benefits and not to have to focus on the needs or settlements of individual employees.

The cafeteria system and the Company Social Benefit Fund (ZFŚS)

system kafeteryjny zfśs

Employers often use a ready-made cafeteria system to service the Company Social Benefits Fund run by the company. Thanks to this, they can be sure that the money from the Fund is spent in a proper manner and in accordance with the applicable law. They also ensure equal access to benefits to all of their employees. This is of great importance, especially in the case of companies with a dispersed structure or located in smaller towns, where the choice of attractions such as cinema or theater is definitely smaller.

Employee accounts in the cafeteria system can also be topped with working capital funds. This is associated with a different approach to the payment of Social Insurance contributions or taxes, but it allows you to leave your employees unlimited freedom to choose benefits from the offer available. In the MyBenefit cafeteria system, employees can also pay for their benefits – in whole or in any part – by card and bank transfer, as in the online store.

The cafeteria system facilitating the employer

system kafeteryjny - wygodny dla pracodawcy

Thanks to the functionality available in the cafeteria system, the employer can simplify many processes related to the management of benefits in his company. For example, the system allows you to assign employees to specific profit groups and on this basis determine the value of regular payments to their accounts. Some of the cafeteria systems in Poland, eg MyBenefit, also enable the provision of subscription services, such as medical care or life insurance. This is a great help for both parties – the employee chooses all the benefits in one place, and the employer manages the entire pool of funds and documents with one tool.

What is extremely important for the employer – a  range of benefits available in the cafeteria system for employees can be set a top-down. Thus, it ensures the security of implementation of these funds and compliance of spending money with the budget assumptions or the company’s philosophy in general.

Matching benefits to employees

system kafeteryjny - dopasowanie benefitów do pracowników

Thanks to such comprehensive tools as the cafeteria system, we can solve an extremely important and often encountered problem – the right adjustment of benefits to employees. People who work with us differ from each other by age, place of residence, life situation, interests and many other features. It is unlikely that we will meet their taste or needs if we only offer two or three benefits, even co-financed by the employer. In a situation where we allow them a free choice of benefits that are really attractive to them, the chance for satisfaction and satisfaction with the benefits program definitely increases.

Certainly the use of the cafeteria system for employees is a great help – benefits are available to them at all times (the MyBenefit cafeteria system works online and is available 24/7), and their implementation turns out to be extremely simple. The selected benefits have their specific time to use, so you do not have to do it right away.

MyBenefit cafeteria system

system kafeteryjny - wybór benefitów dla pracownika

The MyBenefit cafeteria system is such – a comprehensive solution for employers wishing to introduce additional benefits for employees. It contains a wide range of benefits, numerous functionalities and reports, and at the same time is easily available and easy to use. Both parties will be satisfied with the tool prepared in such a way – and a company that wants to show employees that they are appreciated by the benefits and an employee who actually gets what is needed from the employer right now or considers it attractive and interesting. The provider of the cafeteria system cares about the quality and availability of benefits, correct reporting and safe flow of funds.

The cafeteria systems in Poland are very different from each other, especially in terms of the offer of benefits and functionalities available to all their users. It is worth taking a moment to decide and choose a platform that will meet our needs and meet the expectations of employees.

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