Is it worth knowing employees’ opinion about benefits? Satisfaction survey and evaluation of the benefit program.

Added: 04.08.2019

Just as the goal of going to work should not be just going to work, so non-wage benefits should not be created just for the very idea of ​​having benefits in your company. Both large corporations and smaller, family companies spend huge amounts on them – funds allocated for benefits grow every year, which is confirmed by scientist! Unfortunately, often when choosing benefits, the preferences of the recipients themselves are not taken into account. Meanwhile, employee’s feedback should be crucial when creating a benefit program. Only benefits that really meet the needs of employees can properly fulfill their task of motivating the crew and making them loyal.

Is it worth asking for the opinion of employees?

ankieta benefity pracownicze

During the recruitment interview, we ask the candidate about his expectations regarding remuneration, work standard or development plan. We also ask for similar matters during regular meetings of the employee – supervisor, which update the work schedule or settle the tasks ordered. It is also a great opportunity to ask an employee about his opinion and needs, and in the first place – to show concern for his or her feelings, comfort of work and belonging to the company community, and second – to gather reliable information about what we do well in our organization and people appreciate, and what areas need improvement. Unfortunately, the subject of benefits is extremely rare in such conversations. Employees do not have the chance to express their opinion about the non-payroll benefits program or say whether they benefit from benefits, whether they consider them useful and well prepared, or perhaps have their ideas and suggestions for improving them. This is a big mistake for many employers – without having knowledge about the preferences and needs of employees, we are not able to match the right benefits for them! Employee evaluation of benefits is of great importance for the development of the benefit plan, also when it is to help employers stand out in the labor market.

Fear of negative assessment of employees?

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Aware of our own shortcomings and imperfections of the non-wage benefits program, and also convinced that we cannot please everyone, we are often simply afraid to ask employees about the benefits assessment. We are convinced that when asked about the opinion, they will express their dissatisfaction and that it will have negative consequences for us. Meanwhile, it is much better to know that employees are not satisfied and have a basis for changes in the benefit program, than to know and pretend that there is no problem. Growing frustration among people gives rise to rumors, understatements and conjectures. As a result, it will not bring anything good to the organization!

Benefits of employee opinion survey

ankieta pracownicza ocena benefitów

A great way to get acquainted with the opinion about non-wage benefits is to conduct a survey in the form of surveys among employees. A well-prepared employee questionnaire, which will not be too long and complicated, and therefore overwhelming for the respondents, will give employers broad knowledge about the employees themselves and their evaluation of the benefit program. When organizing such a research, let’s not be afraid of criticism! What employees suggest in the survey may turn out to be an innovative solution that would not come to our minds. Well-researched results of the study will provide concrete conclusions and ideas for improvement. They will also make sure that the employer checks what has been done so far and is positively evaluated. Conducting such research – whether in the form of interviews or surveys – is also a great form of promotion of the benefits program. Overwhelmed by duties and routine, we often forget to emphasize their importance in everyday communication with employees. Asking for satisfaction with the benefits of many employees, we will simply remind them of their existence!

We write about how to organize a survey of employees’ opinions and what questions to ask in the survey in subsequent articles from this series, which we will publish on 11/07. and 18/07. We invite you to read!

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