Benefit program – who gains the most?

Benefit programs are a facility primarily for an employee – we create and finance additional benefits for them.

Whether we effectively encourage someone to cooperate is already at the stage of announcement and recruitment. Benefit programs, however, also play an important role in creating the image of our company, and the most important are definitely in building the motivation and commitment of existing employees.

Who gains the most in running non-financial benefit programs by the company – employers or employees?

Benefits program in the employer’s offer

At a time when people are switching their profession or industry, and decisions about changing jobs are much less stressful than a few years ago, it is increasingly difficult for employers to not only maintain a stable team, but above all find new employees. If we want to hire the best specialists, we must give them a good offer. In large corporations, entire teams work to ensure that the terms and path of employment are sufficiently attractive and distinguish our organization from the competition. In addition to flexible working hours or a modern office and equipment, the proposed benefits program will be of great importance. The description of the non-wage benefits program is one of those things that must be included in the published recruitment announcement.

The choice of benefits to the benefit program is very wide – the most important offers are, of course, medical care and sports card. Tourist vouchers, lunch cards, cinema and theater tickets, and even platforms that give employees a free choice of hundreds or thousands of benefits are also becoming increasingly popular. In order to strengthen the position of our company and perceive it among potential employees, we must clearly specify what we guarantee as part of the benefit program offer.

Benefit program – motivation in a nutshell

It is obvious that many factors influence our motivation to work. They include relations with the supervisor and colleagues, as well as interesting tasks and challenges that the company puts before us. What will additionally strengthen the attachment to the employer and increase the commitment are definitely benefit programs. We will particularly appreciate them when we know that other companies do not offer such a rich choice as our employer does.

Importantly, the non-wage benefits program must be tailored to the actual needs and expectations of employees. Such a possibility is provided, inter alia, by cafeterias, in which employees themselves choose interesting offers. The essence of the proposed additional benefits is to have a guarantee that employees actually implement them and are satisfied with them. At that time, the people responsible for the budget used for the benefit program will have the satisfaction and feeling that the funds have been well used.

Benefit programs and company image

Today, the image of the company consists not only of a nice logo and an interesting product offer. The environment also looks at whether the company engages in social activities, politics and ecology. The offered working conditions and relations that we build with employees is another important issue! Therefore, more and more companies publicly boast about the implemented benefit program.

Sports card, lunch, cinema tickets and funding for a nursery or kindergarten? Free language course, training with the best specialists and integration trips? Benefit programs take on a very different form today – the more unique proposals, distinguishing features and facilities for employees, the better. Implementation of benefit programs is accompanied by entire advertising and promotional campaigns – mainly conducted inside the company, and increasingly also in social media.

Benefits program – necessity or convenience?

Benefit programs offer not only comfort for the Employee, but also more and more facilities for the Employer – combining all benefits in one place, accounting for reports with one click, the possibility of combining funds from the Company Social Benefits Fund with working capital. Convenience to use and unconventional offers are the most important benefits of the right choice of benefits program for the company.

When making a decision about implementing a benefit program prepared by an external supplier, there are usually a number of doubts in the company. While in big cities access to gyms, theaters, cinemas and amusement parks is at your fingertips, in small towns it is not so easy. Fortunately, benefit programs offer, for example, tourist stays available in facilities throughout Poland, as well as the opportunity to pay for trips abroad or camp trips for children. And of course shopping at online stores. More and more often in the benefit programs are also recommended whole, ready ideas for city-break trips, during which almost every possible entertainment can be paid by funds from the employer.

Benefits program in your company

Is it possible to adjust the benefit program to each company? Will the benefits offered to employees be liked? How do you know what will be interesting for them?

These questions are being asked by HR managers who face the challenge of creating a meaningful non-payroll benefits program. Fortunately, at the job fair, open days and conferences we can meet not only representatives of recruitment companies, but also specialists who propose ready-made, tailor-made benefit programs for companies.

The creators of such programs often offer not only a full monitoring of the funds spent necessary from the point of view of the employer, but also support in communication regarding the proposed benefits and in general the non-payment benefits program. Newsletters with the latest offers and promotional meetings with employees are just some of the proposals. Often, as part of benefit programs, contests and games or incentive actions are held to encourage visits to the cinema, reading and even a healthy lifestyle and increasing physical activity.

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