Are sports cards a good benefit for employees?

Benefits are invaluable support in motivating employees. They help in both gaining and maintaining the best specialists in the company. It is worth to offer the best benefits and take care of their adjustment to our employees!

What to choose from offers available on the market? Are sports cards a good choice?

Sports cards – the most popular benefit in Poland

According to the latest Sedlak & Sedlak report “Additional benefits in the eyes of employees”, the most popular benefit in Poland is still the sports card. Also in the eyes of employers it is a very attractive benefit that can be offered to various employees, regardless of their age and thanks to it, build commitment in the team and simply take care of the psychophysical health of employees. The first in Poland and the best regarding the offer is the MultiSport card, invented and run by Benefits Systems, one of the oldest companies on the domestic benefits market.

MultiSport – train as you like!

MultiSport is a personal card, available in various variants. In this most popular one allows for unlimited use of the offer of over 4000 sports facilities throughout Poland. We can sign up for organized classes or use the offer of a swimming pool or club we choose, and we adjust the intensity and frequency of trainings to suit our needs.

Do you like going to the pool and gym? Or maybe you prefer a climbing wall or martial arts? With the MultiSport card you do not have to limit yourself to one sport discipline. On Monday a pool, on Tuesday a gym, on Wednesday aerobics, on Thursday squash, and on Friday indoor cycling? A spontaneous visit to the sauna for relaxation or the contrary – systematic dance lessons and yoga classes? As part of the program, we choose our favorite activities from the offer of over 20 different sports.

Sports cards in the eyes of the employer

When an employer thinks about introducing sports cards into the benefits program, he raises many questions: will my employees want to use sports cards? Will they choose cards from their employer if they have tickets directly at the gym? Will this help motivate my employees? Would I use such a card on the site of my employees?

It’s a lot of doubt, but it’s worth asking people if they are interested in using such a benefit. Sporting activity has been very popular lately, and people pay a lot of money for classes! If we offer them a benefit, thanks to which they will not have to limit themselves to one sport discipline or watch the number of entries in a month, they will certainly be satisfied. The MultiSport program can also invite relatives, ordering additional cards for them – in addition to the classic cards for accompanying persons, special cards for children and so-called. pool cards Benefit Systems has also introduced cards for seniors this year. Thanks to this, the employer cares for the employee and they can take care of the health of the whole family!

When offering benefits to employees, we must ensure that they are attractive to them and respond to their needs – only then the whole benefit program really makes sense. Sports cards are a good choice, confirmed by various tests and above all: more than a million employees in Europe who use cards.

And you, when will you offer your employees sports cards?

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