One successful trip – many benefits!

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Added: 08.08.2018

Travelling broadens the mind

Words of wisdom, which so often bothers us about the ears, brings with it a message that we do not think about every day. Fortunately, we can find a lot of scientific studies on the web, which prove the benefits of visiting new places and learning the habits of other people, and how it all affects the development of personality.

German scientists – Julia Zimmermann and Franz Neyer conducted an experiment on students who went on a trip to another country, then compared their behavior with students who stayed. The results were surprising and at the same time indisputable – the traveling students came back more open, empathic and calmer. It was not easy to irritate them and they approached relationships with others with much more respect and tolerance.

Far or near – never mind!

Not only the wild tribes in Madagascar can show us what the life and culture of other people looks like. Even in our home country, traditions and customs in different regions are so diverse that when traveling around Poland, we will certainly not be bored. Kashubia, Silesia, Mazowsze or highlander – what is a proper expression for a potato? If we take a closer look at Poland, we will find many places worth visiting.

Only profits

Thanks to the journeys, we will not only be more culturally aware, but we will also rest and spend time having fun. Experiences and memories that will remain in our head is a priceless reminder of every, even the smallest trip. Every globetrotter will admit that traveling is the only situation when we do not become poorer by spending money. And what if we could pick up this literally and do not spend money on your dream trip? In the MyBenefit Cafeteria it is possible! By paying with points from the Employer, we can visit places without ruining the domestic budget.

Can you get even more?

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