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Added: 15.01.2018

Dear Clients – thank you for the trust you have placed in us.
For inspiration and ideas that help us develop the Cafeteria.
For the motivation to look for interesting solutions and create more benefits.

Together with your employees, we traveled through the Tatras, Kashubia and Masuria, to Asia, South Africa and at least once to Mexico …
Together, we enjoyed the return of “Star Wars” to the screens and the next part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”!
We were jumping at AC DC concerts, Justin Timberlake and during summer outdoor festivals.
We raced skiing in the winter and in the summer we met in amusement parks.
We sweated in the gym together and lost unnecessary kilos.
Together, we experience emotions, have fun, rest, train and travel.

235,000 employees of companies in Poland use the MyBenefit Cafeteria on a daily basis.
2,000 Partners deliver the best benefits for them every day.

Thank you.
MyBenefit team

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