About the role of employees’ interests in building motivation to work

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Added: 24.10.2019

Common interests shape good team relationships and group identity. That is why it is sometimes worth taking a friendly look at chats at work or finding time for them after work. It will bring just benefits and the company will be enriched with an excellent tool supporting work motivation!

Interests and motivation to work

Research shows that knowing employees’ interests, as well as supporting them in developing individual talents and hobbies, brings many benefits. Among the most important are the increase in productivity and potential, understood as a combination of creativity and motivation to work, as well as improving communication inside and outside the company. It is therefore worth hiding the phone and talking to employees during the lunch break or on the way for coffee. Perhaps it turns out that there is a great strategist or organizer among them who will also work in the implementation of completely new projects.

Before we turn our employees’ possible talents into further tasks, it is good to simply look at the relationships prevailing in the company. A well-coordinated team is worth a lot, and often even more than one brilliant and hard-working individualist, although for such people there should be a place in the team. Of course, the basis for building relationships is correct communication. It is impossible to overestimate the bosses who make efforts so that their subordinates get to know and make friends, but who are also open to establishing honest relationships. And what is good and worth talking about? Just about interests, hobbies, passions and talents. Each of us likes to talk about our passions and discovering common spaces for conversations and actions strengthens friendships, brings together, builds trust and allows us to identify with the group. This in turn has a positive impact on morale and efficiency, which increases the motivation to work.

Friendly atmosphere and investment in employees

Creating a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, in which there is time for conversation on one hand, and space for expressing views and ideas on the other, allows you to increase commitment and develop team creativity. The opportunity to speak on matters related to the company, as well as active participation in shaping its internal policy or image, allows you to demonstrate knowledge and initiative. Many leaders and managers admit that they have used the advice or tips of their employees more than once. It is therefore a space in friendly relations in which you can openly present your ideas and comments. Often, this also makes it possible to approach challenges and problems in a non-obvious and unusual way, as well as to find alternative and innovative solutions.

By learning about employees’ interests, it will be easier for us to tailor courses to develop specific skills, e.g. foreign language, negotiation, assertiveness, programming or even cooking. Such an investment will pay off very quickly affecting the increase in the level of satisfaction with belonging to the organization, but also the happiness of the employees. It also happens that the employee’s support in the area of his or her interests results in the extension or change of the scope of his / her duties, and often promotion.

Motivation to work and happiness!

It is worth trying to get to know your team and find out what interests and skills, not only professional, its individual members have. Even if they are small talents or not very original hobbies, the fact that the employer makes such an attempt is a good testimony to them and will win them the sympathy of many subordinates. In turn, if they do not correspond to the current needs or projects of the company, you should look at them carefully anyway. They can indicate directions for further employee development, in which they are also worth supporting.

Numerous studies indicate that employees who have an interesting personal life and are satisfied in it, feel happier, and therefore also achieve better results at work and receive higher ratings from clients. Happiness even directly affects sales and productivity – by 30% on average. And this is probably the best reason to learn about the interests, passions and talents of your employees, and then help them deepen or expand them. It will be an investment not only in their personal development, but also in the potential development of our company.

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