5 proven ways to motivate employees … who have everything.

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Added: 28.02.2019

Corporations employing several hundred or several thousand people, in addition to a well-organized system of remuneration, usually run an extensive program of non-wage benefits. Sports cards, insurance, medical care and tickets for cultural or sporting events are undoubtedly forms of motivation valued by employees. Increasingly, they are even a determining factor in taking up employment in a given company or staying in it for longer. Focusing on the comfort of the staff, employers equip offices with relaxation and sport zones, spaces for creative work as well as proven tools and software. Entering such an office you get the impression that the work there is perfect and the employees have everything. But is that enough? Will it effectively affect employees’ loyalty to the company and motivate them to act long-term?

Are many benefits enough to motivate employees?

Benefits, like salary, have a huge impact on our approach to work, the decision to choose an employer and the feeling that our work is properly remunerated. Despite this, many employees who earn and benefit from rich benefits do not seem to be motivated at all. Why? To like your job, feel satisfaction and work at full speed every day you need something more! The most important thing in an organization is a person, that’s why team integration, commitment of all employees and mutual support should come first. Benefits are the perfect complement to the pro-employment policy, but they will not do all the managerial work that awaits modern bosses.

Check out 5 FREE ways to motivate employees:


1. Let you learn, even on mistakes!

The goal of going to work cannot be going to work! Daily motivation to act is necessary in the fight against boredom of an experienced employee. Even people who work according to common patterns every day need something new from time to time. This is a recipe for challenges and goals to be met by employees. Such a challenge should be measurable and achievable – tailored to the knowledge and competence of the person who is to take it. It is important not to disqualify a person who makes a mistake, but simply to help them. Everyone has the right to make a mistake – unless this is a common phenomenon, you don’t need to take drastic action right away. This is not a bonus cut, but good advice is the best solution!

2. Keep company in pursuit of the goal

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A director, manager or manager – regardless of the position as a direct supervisor, he or she should always be oriented in the current work of the employees. It happens that people in managerial positions are interested in the work of subordinates only in two cases – success and failure. Meanwhile, on the road to achieving the goal, such daily contact is extremely important! Sometimes, all you need is a short question about your current activities, a small tip or hint. Leaving him or her only in the company of challenges and goals will have a negative impact on the involvement … Care and interest will strengthen the employee. Let your employees achieve goals in their own way, at the same time be your support and not just a guard of deadlines and your vision.


3. Give the feeling of doing important things

Each of us wants to have some influence on the world and leave something behind … we like to create, change, improve. The awareness that our work has a real impact on the company’s activity – its image, product offer, project result or the effectiveness of a particular process – gives a sense of sense and great strength to act! In turn, imitative work, without purpose and of great importance, will discourage even the best employees. Emphasize what the whole organization benefits from their work and ideas! Let them participate or coordinate an important project, even the smallest one.


4. Reward for achieved goals

Bonuses, increases and bonuses are an obvious way of rewarding employees for a job well done. Large organizations usually run clear bonus programs that are designed to enhance employee motivation and employers to ensure that tasks are carried out reliably and on time. Such a system works well, but unfortunately it can also direct the attention of employees only to achieving the objectives, in accordance with the guidelines contained in the table. It leaves no room for involvement above the norm, grassroots initiative and a sense of mission – it simply ignores the human factor.

Make sure that the goals and successes of employees are visible not only on the HR receipt! Common celebration of achieved goals, public recognition, appreciation of specific actions or attitudes are for free, and have a colossal impact on self-confidence, faith in their own competences and a sense of meaning in their work. Praise from the lips of the director of another department or employees from another team builds and motivates the most!


5. Create their experiences!

To make the employee feel sincerely attached to the organization and want to get involved in its mission, we should ensure that they can share not only responsibilities with the company and colleagues. Also passions, interests and fun! If a company provides employees with benefits, there should be benefits that allow them to create unusual experiences. Ask after the weekend what your employees were doing during the weekend, what attractions they used. If they tell you and your friends what’s happening with joy in their eyes and the flush on your face, you can be sure that you are influencing their well-being and better life.


Which ways to motivate employees work in your company?

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