Benefit for the holidays of your employees

Holidays, just after the Christmas and New Year break, are the most anticipated time of the year. We usually plan the date, place of departure and length of stay a few months in advance, allowing ourselves the countdown of days and a large dose of excitement. Many employers decide on a special form of holiday benefit for their employees. Depending on the company’s policy and internal regulations, this may take various forms.

“Vacations under the pear tree”

The Company Social Benefit Fund has a reputation of a relic from the times of the Polish People’s Republic. The form of co-financing for a holiday trip from this fund is usually additional cash transferred to the holiday so called under the pear tree. Because these funds come from the Company Social Benefits Fund, their amount depends on the material situation of the employee. Depending on the company’s internal regulations, in order to receive co-financing for holidays, several specific conditions must be met, e.g. an invoice for a holiday. Only after completing the required formalities will the refund of part of the trip costs appear on the employee’s bank account. Other employers offer a holiday benefit to every employee regardless of the amount of income and without the need to submit documents confirming the holiday trip. While it is convenient and fair – every employee has the same amount of funds at their disposal – the employer completely loses control over the actual purpose of spending that money by the employee.

Holiday benefit – holiday cash benefit

Employers who do not create a Company Social Benefit Fund in their organization also offer their employees additional holiday benefits. The holiday benefit is paid to employees employed under an employment contract and is not dependent on the income level- the employer grants such a holiday benefit at own discretion and in the provisions of the internal regulations. In most organizations, the basis for payment of a holiday benefit is only the use of 14 vacation days in a row. Thus, by obtaining the right to payment of the benefit, the employee is not obliged to document the vacation, and the funds received may be used for a completely different purpose. Often, therefore, the holiday benefit is a holiday benefit only by name and assumption, and in practice additional cash for a completely different purpose.

Benefit for holidays for employees’ children

Employers also have the opportunity to subsidize holidays, camps and winter camps for employees’ children. Parents of children under 18 years of age may apply for a subsidy to such holidays. The condition is to use the services of a specialized company dealing with the organization of holidays for children – holidays organized on their own are not covered by funding from the employer. The holiday benefit for children is a very desirable benefit, in addition extremely beneficial for tax reasons. Co-financing of organized camps and holidays, as well as therapeutic, sanatorium or scientific stays as well as commuting on such holidays is exempt from income tax by law. In the event of financing a holiday from the Social Benefits Fund – without restrictions, in other cases – up to PLN 760 a year per employee. This is an important argument in conversation with childless employees who would like to receive the equivalent of such funding for their own vacation. Pursuant to the PIT Act, such measures will not be covered by an additional exemption.

Holidays for everyone in MyBenefit

The MyBenefit cafeteria offers great opportunities for financing holiday trips for employees and their children. By providing funds to employees in the MyBenefit Cafeteria, the employer may use the Company Social Benefits Fund, working capital or both sources of financing. The amount and deadline for awarding points depend entirely on the employer’s decision. For many companies and organizations, an interesting solution will be the possibility to limit the spending of such funds only on offers in the field of tourism – domestic and foreign. This guarantees the use of the service according to your needs, but still as a holiday benefit. In turn, employees are motivated to go on holidays – alone, with children, with friends, or choose a holiday only for children, depending on what they need at a given moment.

The tourist offer in the Cafeteria includes over 1600 various tourist facilities in Poland – hotels, guesthouses, apartments, camping houses and agritourism. Foreign trips are offers of several of the largest travel agencies in Poland – holidays around the world, tour trips, accommodation and stays at the most interesting campsites in Europe. In addition, several recognized and proven organizers of holiday and winter trips for children of all ages. With such opportunities and funding from the employer, every employee will be able to organize their dream vacation!

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