Benefit Lunch – a proven recipe for employee benefit!

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Added: 19.11.2018

Employers increasingly care about the well-being of their employees and offer further non-wage benefits to keep them in the company as long as possible. There are many interesting offers for employees on the market, e.g. cultural tickets, holiday subsidies, massages at the workplace or sports cards. What should you choose to make each employee happy? What benefit will bring them the most benefits and make life easier?

Co-financing of meals – a favorite employee benefit

karta lunchowa

The benefit for employees helps motivate them to work, create their commitment and loyalty to the employer. A well-chosen one brings satisfaction, saves money and time. According to the Sedlak & Sedlak report, ‘Additional benefits in the eyes of employees in 2018’, the most popular non-wage benefit chosen by employers is a sports card. However, employees benefit most often from meals subsidies! It is an extremely universal benefit, good for all employees regardless of age, gender or way of spending their leisure time.

Lunch card – extra time from your employer!

dofinansowanie do posiłków

We devote an average of 2 hours a day to preparing and consuming the most important meals. It’s a lot, that’s why we gladly reach for ready solutions. Because we are not talking about exceptions, but everyday life, it’s worth choosing wisely and healthily! Under the Benefit Lunch program, employees can take advantage of the lunch offer at nearly 600 places in major cities in Poland. Thanks to the lunch card, they don’t have to spend time shopping and preparing boxes of food for work, and they can still eat healthy – at work, in addition without violating the home budget.

Ultimately, employees gain something much more valuable than benefit – time. The hours saved on cooking can be spent on much more important matters, such as taking a walk with a child, learning foreign languages or simply going to the cinema with friends.

Convenience and choice – Benefit Lunch variants

benefit lunch

We can adapt the Benefit Lunch program to the individual needs of employees and the employer’s budget. There are individual coupons to choose from, ideal for use e.g. during training or business trips, and cards with which we pay a predetermined number of meals per month. Thanks to a wide network of cooperating premises, employees have a large selection of different dishes and are not doomed to monotony, they can eat a meal to their liking every day. The program will also include proposals for people on a gluten-free or vegetarian diet. You can order your lunch with delivery to the office or eat on site. (check the full Benefit Lunch offer)

This form of benefit from the employer is primarily a huge saving, convenience and simplification of life. It is also a joy to eat in the company of colleagues, which directly translates into their relationships and cooperation. It is not without reason that the biggest in business negotiate their contracts over a well-set table!

Benefits are today one of the main factors that decide about staying in a company and affect the employer’s image. Therefore, companies – to meet the requirements of their employees and interest potential candidates – allocate ever-increasing budgets for additional benefits and outdoing ideas for the best benefits. Good solutions do not have to be expensive and labor-intensive, but they should be tailored and actually meet the needs of employees. Giving lunch cards to the crew, we care for their regular and healthy nutrition and additional time that they can spend for their loved ones. It’s a great way to have loyal and dedicated employees.

And you? What would you like to get from your employer?

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