Cultural benefit – what is it?

Cultural events are one of those ways of spending time that we value the most. Various forms of entertainment and increasing availability makes literally everyone to find something perfect. In addition, it is a well-used time that brings new, interesting value into our lives. That is why employees are increasingly asking about the possibility of including tickets for cultural events in the company’s benefit program. How to suit each employee? What should cultural benefit be like?

Cinema tickets for employees.
Have fun!

Cinema tickets cost from a dozen to over PLN 30. Compared to theater performances or concerts, this is not a very expensive entertainment, and cinemas operate in many cities in Poland, even smaller ones You can go to the movie alone after work, on a date or with friends on a Friday or Saturday evening or with children on a Sunday morning. Cinema tickets selected in the Cafeteria do not require additional distribution, which takes time and engages the personnel department. We receive the ticket in the form of a simple code, which we will later show at the box office of our cinema. The tickets have a long expiration date, so even a sudden change of plans is not a problem!

Cultural benefits in the classic version.

Theater performances, opera performances and classical music concerts? Though once such a version of cultural events was not rather associated with light entertainment, today has many followers! It is difficult to guess what is liked and by whom, as well as keep track of all posters. However, you can bet on a ready, wide range of tickets for cultural events, and leave the employees free choice from this offer- such opportunities are given by   the MyBenefit cafeteria, which cooperates with cultural institutions throughout Poland. An employee with funds available from the employer can freely choose between events taking place all over Poland. This is an interesting solution that allows you to visit the theater or opera also on the occasion of a leisure trip or a business trip.

Muzeum i galeria sztuki?

Technologia pozwala nam dziś poznawać świat za pomocą wszystkich zmysłów. Muzeum może być tradycyjną salą, w której na pachnącej starym drewnem podłodze stoją gabloty, wypełnione średniowiecznymi skarbami, albo dzięki technologii przenieść nas w dawne czasy i pozwolić poczuć się nasi przodkowie. Centrum naukowe może być nudną halą pełną zakazów, ale może być też interaktywnym parkiem, w którym oprócz dotykania eksponatów będziemy mogli z nimi eksperymentować!

Wszystkie te miejsca, w których łączymy przyjemność oglądania, słuchania i poznawania to fantastyczny sposób na zdobywanie wiedzy i relaks. Ponieważ jednak nie mamy pewności czy nasi pracownicy wolą zobaczyć kopalnię złota, zabytkową manufakturę czy galerię sztuki współczesnej, lepiej postawić na samodzielny wybór ulubionych atrakcji. W Kafeterii będą mogli nie tylko zamówić bilety do muzeum i galerii, ale też zarezerwować i opłacić nocleg, jeśli taka wizyta wymaga wycieczki do innego miasta.

Museum and art gallery?

Technology allows us today to explore the world with all the senses. The museum can be a traditional hall in which there are display cases filled with medieval treasures scattered with old wood, or thanks to technology, we can move us back to old times and let us feel like the ancestors. A science center can be a boring hall full of prohibitions, but it can also be an interactive park in which, in addition to touching the exhibits, we will be able to experiment with them!

All those places where we combine the pleasure of watching, listening and learning are a fantastic way to gain knowledge and relax. However, because we are not sure if our employees prefer to see a gold mine, a historic manufacture or a gallery of contemporary art, it is better to choose an independent selection of favorite attractions. In Cafeteria, they will not only be able to order tickets for the museum and gallery, but also to book and pay for accommodation, if such a visit requires a trip to another city.

Trendy culture.

Not only young people want to be trendy! The most popular outdoor music festivals have their followers in each generation, and fans of the favorite star can come from the other end of Poland! Cooperating directly with the organizers of such events and with   and, MyBenefit can boast of the largest offer of cultural benefits on the Polish market. This is important especially for an employer who wants to offer   good and should be prepared for various, sometimes surprising interests of the employees. Culture – like technology – develops and changes, and as part of cultural initiatives, increasingly interesting and sometimes weird events are organized!

Cultural benefits financed by the employer

The time spent in cultural way has a great impact on the well-being of employees, so it should be on the benefit “must have” list of every employer! The ideal cultural benefit is one that will bring joy and good memories, but it will not burden the home budget.

All cultural benefits are in line with the provisions of the CSFD Act, so, if the company’s rules of the Fund allow it, it is worth funding this form of entertainment for our employees. Thanks to such support, they will be able to participate in interesting events more often and also invite their loved ones – the other half, friends or children. Thanks to the Cafeteria, we do not need to hire a specialist of cultural benefits in the HR department. On the platform, from among thousands of various proposals throughout Poland, employees will choose exactly those events they like the most!

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