Easy-to-use employee benefits

Added: 08.03.2019

We employ more and more people, and they want to enjoy more and more benefits … how to do it to meet their expectations, but not drown in piles of documents and telephones from service providers? It’s simple – choose a benefit cafeteria that will take a huge part of your work off of us! However, it is important to choose a solution that will also be easy to use for our employees

The MyBenefit Cafeteria is an online platform with thousands of benefits for employees. It provides permanent access to a wide range of non-wage benefits in one place, from anywhere in the world. It works like an online store – a search engine and a large selection of filters will help you find your favorite benefit, and the shopping itself will take a few moments. Wondering how the benefits cafeteria works? See:

Step 1: MyBenefit Cafeteria – logging in anytime, anywhere.

As part of the MyBenefit Cafeteria, each employee has their own individual account. To use it, they receive a login and password from the employer, like for e-mail. Logging in takes only a few seconds and is possible from anywhere in the world – all you need is internet access on a laptop or mobile device. What’s more – there is no time limit! Are you an early bird or owl type and do you work at such hours? Or maybe you use the Internet on a bus to work? Cafeteria is available whenever you want – 24 hours a day, all year round!

Step 2: Use your benefits exactly when you want.

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Cafeteria – only you decide when, where and what benefit you will use!

Are you shopping in the mall and passing the movie you are interested in on the poster? Don’t wait! Take your phone, log in to the Cafeteria and buy a cinema ticket – at a better price and with money from your employer! You will get your entry code immediately, exchange it for a ticket for any screening.

And when the weather goes bad while walking with the children? No worries! Choose the nearest playroom or trampoline park in the Cafeteria and buy tickets along the way. You will get them in an SMS. Simply.

Step 3: Choose the benefits that suit you.

You’re not the type of athlete who trains every day, but you enjoy going to the pool or climbing wall? You’re welcome – in the Cafeteria offer you will find individual tickets for recreational activities. Or maybe you are going bowling with your friends or are you going to the amusement park with your family? Great! Tickets and tickets bought at the Cafeteria are not personal, which means that you decide yourself whether you will use the selected benefits yourself or with your loved ones.

Step 4: Don’t search … the benefits are always at hand.

The Cafeteria is not only freedom of choice and speed of implementation, but also ease of use and finding your favorite or dream benefit. Just use the search engine and special filters that will allow us to choose the perfect service by location, category, price or even the method of financing. You can also simply enter in the search engine the name of a particular benefit or facility and find it in the offer.

You don’t know what you feel like today? Take advantage of our hints and inspirations – we are up to date with the weather and calendar, but also trends! In the MyBenefit Cafeteria you will find interesting recreational and cultural news.

Step 5: Pay as you like

If you have already spent all the funds received from your employer in the Cafeteria, you can successfully pay for the benefits you are interested in with private money. You can also pay extra for specific benefits if their value exceeds the number of available points. From the Cafeteria you will be redirected to the online payment page – just like in the online store. You decide which funds you will use!

The MyBenefit Cafeteria is a platform available online, simple in operation, intuitive to use and full of interesting benefits. See how easy it is to choose your favorite ones!

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