How to effectively care for employees? 4 proven corporation methods

In times of the “employee market”, employers know that they must take more care of their team. You can even be tempted to say that this is a new trend – to get new employees of the company they face everything that the competition offers, also with the expansion of the benefits program. That is why they choose the services offered to meet the expectations of all, even the most demanding employees.
How to appreciate employees? How to care for their sense of security, satisfaction and contentment? What proven methods of motivation and loyalty are used by today’s corporations?

Firstly: safety!

Life insurance for the whole family

For adults, the most important thing is a sense of security. In addition to stabilized employment, the Employer can provide the Employees with a sense of security by offering them life insurance. Insurance is not only protection for the Employee for the time of unfortunate events, but above all financial security for the loved ones! Insurance companies offer various options, including insurance combined with pension funds – employees thinking about the future will also appreciate this form of security.

Private medical care for Employees

Private medical care facilitates quick contact with doctors of various specialties, not only when something happens, but also during periodic examinations and, if necessary, additional consultations. Thanks to private medical care, the Employee can take advantage of medical advice and specialist research right away – without waiting in many-month queues, and often without the need to have a proper referral. This is helpful, when the employee is needed.

The financing of private medical care and insurance is one of the best non-wage benefits that an employer can offer – they are a symptom of sensible thinking about the future, not a fulfillment of a temporary whim.

Secondly: good nutrition!

It is the lunch card that prevails on the lists of benefits most often chosen by employees! It is an extremely universal solution – regardless of how old we are, how we spend our free time and what we like to eat – each of us must eat. Thanks to the card, we can find a meal for ourselves and pay for it with funds from the employer – it is great both for our budget and time, which we do not have to spend on preparing a meal at home!

Taking care of regular and wholesome meals, you cannot forget about the portion of vitamins. Therefore, employers increasingly provide fresh fruit deliveries to the office – at least once a week.

Thirdly: comfort in the workplace!


Ergonomic and interestingly decorated office can also be an additional benefit for employees. It’s a place where we spend up to a third of a day so it’s important to provide workplaces that will be comfortable. Adequate adjustment of the workplace has an impact not only on our efficiency, but above all on health. In a friendly office it is easier to build a good atmosphere and a positive reception of time spent at work. An employee who can adapt his workstation to own preferences and additionally decorate them with essential elements, will feel in the office “at home”, so that he or she will not want to run away from it just after 4 p.m.

Fourthly: it’s time to move!

Everyone knows how important movement is to our health, regeneration and well-being. A Sports card is a great benefit in this area – convenient to use for employees who want to participate in sports after work. The MultiSport card allows you to choose from over 4000 sports facilities across Poland and many disciplines. We can order the card for you and your loved ones, there is also a variant of cards for children and seniors. Sports cards are not only physical activity after work but also relaxing in the sauna or swimming pool. Thanks to the huge flexibility offered by the MultiSport program, employees chooses where, how and with whom they will spend their free time!

Well-being at work is extremely important. We spend most of our time in it, which affects other aspects of our lives. Offering benefits which are diverse, thoughtful and tailored for employees – such as the ergonomic office, sports card and lunches, life insurance or medical care, large companies comprehensively care about their employees. Thanks to this, they work with devoted and loyal people who really appreciate the care and advantages of their benefits.

And you, how do you take care of your employees?

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