Take care about work-life balance

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Added: 15.05.2018

Can an employer care of the employees’ work-life balance?

To strike a balance between life and work, we try to have time for everything. Ideally, we would provide our crew with flexible working time, but not in any company or industry. Being an employer, it is worth considering what is really important for our employees. We can help them save time in matters that are not directly related to work. A great example is private medical care – a doctor’s office located near the office, the possibility of visiting a doctor without waiting in long queues and co-financing care or check-up by the employer is a great simplification, not only in the autumn season of colds. Sandwiches, salads and fruit delivered to the office can replace the hand-made preparation of breakfast, and co-financing for lunch takes care of the matter of many hours of cooking.

Activity after work

We can spend the time gained in many ways and it is also worth giving interesting solutions to the employees – cinema, concert, cinema with friends, an interesting book or sports activity will allow them to relax and regenerate after an intense day of work. At the weekend, you can go to the mountains or to another city, and in the summer to a nearby amusement park or lake.

Various needs of employees

It is much nicer to work in a place where we can expect understanding and where our needs and diversity are respected. By offering a wide range of well-thought-out benefits, we will actually show our employees that we care about maintaining a balance between their life and work. However, because there are usually many employees in the company, it’s hard to guess what and when exactly they need it.

A wide range of benefits

The solution that works best in such a situation are internet platforms (cafeterias), where employees themselves choose benefits – exactly those that are needed at the moment. The employer has a direct impact on the scope of such an offer, so they can offer benefits to employees precisely tailored to their needs, but also inspire them to actively and interestingly spend time after work.

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