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History of non-wage benefits in Poland and in the world

Today's non-wage benefits almost do not resemble the first, granted to employees in the nineteenth century ...

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Benefits for employees on a business trip

Why are employees often traveling for business so often overlooked in terms of benefits? Work – life balance is especially important for them!

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Cinema - a benefit for every occasion!

Cinema is an ideal benefit for both employer and employee! A well-prepared cinema program will easily adapt the cinema tickets to the needs of the recipient.

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Turn 26 days of vacation into many days of effective rest

Effective and full of attractions rest will be long remembered by our employees. It will also be one of the most appreciated benefits!

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Are sports cards a good benefit for employees?

When offering benefits to employees, we must ensure that they are attractive to them and respond to their needs. Sports cards are a good choice!

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Employee motivation - what trends in benefits for 2019?

Check the most popular trends in benefits for 2019! what it will be - sport card, insurance, healthcare, extra money for meals at work?

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