Turn 26 days of vacation into many days of effective rest

Time to relax is as important as time spent at work, but definitely more anticipated. The right to rest is holiness guaranteed in Poland by the Labor Code for all employees under a contract of employment, and – depending on the length of service – it is 20 or 26 full paid days of leave. In the US and many other countries, no holidays are payable for holidays and paid vacation is an additional benefit for employees.

Is rest a benefit?

benefit wakacje

Specialists suggest spending at least once a year on vacation a full two weeks, without a break. Such a vacation, not disturbed by emails or telephones from work, is the time to regenerate, rest, pursue your passions and discover new places. It is also a great opportunity to do something together with loved ones – friends or family – for which there is no free time or just strength in the everyday rush. All this will increase the efficiency of the holiday and allow us to return to work with the necessary energy.

We usually plan such a rest for the summer period, when the weather is favorable, and the children have a break from school at school. Sunbathing by the sea, trips to the mountains, sailing or a trip to a tropical island? The choice depends only on us – willingness, fantasy and budget. We usually plan the longest holidays in the year in advance, consulting the supervisor and the team, and with family or friends the direction and form of stay. Employers are increasingly introducing facilities for planning or applying for holidays – instead of printing documents and Excel, they offer ready-made applications or bookmarks on the company’s intranet.

Effective rest – take advantage of additional days off from work!

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We will use 10 days of paid vacation for a two-week trip. In theory, we could organize such holidays twice a year, in practice, however, the remaining days off are diverging somewhere between May and Christmas, and at the end of the year we are surprised how quickly they disappeared.

Fortunately, throughout the whole year the calendar is also conducive to short trips – it is worth planning to combine extended weekends with the rest of the holiday after us. A quick trip to the mountains or a city break with friends is the perfect way to unwind from work at any time of the year. All these trips combined with the main holiday trip will give us a fully effective vacation.

The year 2019 gives us many opportunities to obtain additional days off from work:

  • Labor Day (May 1) is on Wednesday, and 3 May Constitution Day on Friday. If we take a leave on Thursday, May 2, we will rest 5 days without a break;
  • Due to the proximity of Easter and the May Weekend, it is worth considering holidays on April 20-30 and May 2, and thus gain up to 16 days off!
  • Holidays on Friday, June 21 will allow us to enjoy a 4-day long weekend due to Thursday Corpus Christi;
  • Polish Army Day is similar – a holiday on August 16 will allow us to rest for 4 days;
  • Christmas Eve this year will be on Tuesday – using three days of vacation (on Monday, Tuesday and Friday) we can celebrate all week!

Holidays as a benefit for employees?

Care for crew rest should be as important to employers as proper working conditions. That is why many of them decide to co-finance holiday trips for employees and their families. Even the Act on the Company Social Benefits Fund says about this purpose of spending funds! Hence well-known holidays under the pear tree (co-financed holidays), co-financing for children’s camps and holidays, or even own company recreation centers.

Well planned holidays will allow you to rest, even if they last only a few days. The idea and good organization are key. If you plan your trip well in advance, we have the chance to take advantage of better price offers, and this will allow you to implement even more ideas. It is also convenient to book a hotel and all additional attractions in one place. If, in addition, we can organize part of our trip as part of non-wage benefits, then the home budget will also include more attractions.

Effective and full of attractions rest will be long remembered by our employees. Therefore, it will also be one of the most appreciated benefits! You don’t know how to support employees in organizing holidays? Make an appointment for the presentation and check the holiday benefits available at the MyBenefit Cafeteria.

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