Cinema – a benefit for every occasion!

Today, a screening in the cinema is one of the most popular pastimes of all generations. Why not take advantage of this phenomenon and not turn cinema tickets into a valuable employee benefit? Cinema is a benefit that will suit every employee, regardless of age, profession or interests. Cinema is also a benefit that will work at any time of the year, and even ideally during bad weather. A cinema ticket can be redeemed immediately and does not require large financial outlays, which will be particularly important for employers who finance employee benefits.

Cinema – a benefit for everyone

Almost every Polish city will find a studio or network cinema, and even a few of them. Many viewers have their proven and favorite places – some prefer multiplexes in shopping malls and after the screening (with the obligatory popcorn and Coca-Cola!) go shopping. Others treat the cinema like a theater and therefore choose small rooms without the ubiquitous snacks.

The movies are played all week, at different times of the day, so we can plan a trip to the cinema with family or friends. On the cinema poster you will always find a large selection of films – a light Polish comedy, a serious work by foreign filmmakers, a family film or a story about superheroes? Regardless of age and preferences, we can usually choose something interesting from the current repertoire.

Cinema ticket – benefit available immediately

At the MyBenefit Cafeteria, we offer tickets for employees to almost 200 cinemas throughout Poland. Our proposals include both nationwide network cinemas and small, local studio cinemas. We can check the current repertoire via the Internet. An employee interested in the benefit of a cinema ticket buys it sooner or immediately at the cinema. After logging into your Cafeteria account, select the appropriate cinema, ticket type (2D / 3D) and quantity. Of course, we can buy tickets not only for ourselves, but also for family or friends! In the next step, we choose the payment option – points from the employer (cinema tickets can be financed from the Company Social Benefits Fund), payment via PayU or a mix of the two. The prices of cinema tickets in the cafeteria are so attractive that many employees decide to purchase regularly using private funds. After the purchase, a code will be displayed on the computer or smartphone screen – all you have to do is enter it at the cashier when you choose a specific screening. That’s all!

Cinema ticket – a benefit for bad weather

Cinema is a great idea at any time of the year – the movies are played all the time, and the premieres are shown regularly, even several a month. We usually plan to go to the cinema well in advance. However, sometimes we make decisions completely spontaneously. A friend failed to come, the weather changed, the exhibition is changing in your favorite art gallery … The reasons can be various, but it’s important to easily and quickly use the alternative option and go to the cinema.

The ticket already bought, but your plans have changed? No problem! Tickets from the Cafeteria can be used immediately, but also later – in a week or in a month. Also, at the weekend. Your benefits have a long expiry date and will not be lost just because something unexpected happened. Thanks to the fact that they are available online, you always have them with you, do not worry that you left them in the desk drawer.

Cinema is an ideal benefit – both from the employer’s and employee’s point of view! A well-prepared cinema program for employees will allow you to easily adapt cinema tickets to their needs. Use a ready-made solution – see how to buy cinema tickets at the MyBenefit Cafeteria!

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