Employee motivation – what trends in benefits for 2019?

Added: 07.11.2018

Even when we go step by step with fashion, we cannot always keep up with what will be the most popular in the upcoming season. This applies to every area of our life – every year on the top there are other directions of travel, learning more and more strange foreign languages and cooking dishes with ingredients that for our mothers and grandmothers sound and look at least incomprehensible. The same applies to benefits for employees.

Employee motivation consistent with the latest trends!

benefity dla pracowników - trendy na 2019 moda

Fashion – as defined by a dictionary – is the short-term popularity of something new in a given field. It usually appears seasonally – depending on the seasons, we change our preferences, but we do not go back to those from previous years. Every now and then we try to introduce something new, following the current trends.

The trends that we are currently observing are not just the exchange of clothes or the purchase of the latest phone model. More and more often we are dealing with fashion for changing eating habits, listening to specific music or practicing a specific sport – we all know that CrossFit currently has the best (and the most fashionable) impact on our figure!

Following fashion is present not only in the sphere of our private interests. Not only places of entertainment and holiday resorts adapt their offers to the most popular trends, so do Employers! Often, in the recruitment announcements, we see that companies and corporations are trying to keep up with the latest lifestyle – they join in campaigns promoting healthy eating, ecology, or partnership relations between management and regular employees.

Up-to-date employee benefits


How can an employer keep up with trends? What should be proposed to be “up-to-date”? The incentive system should match the interests and preferences of employees. If their predispositions to spend their free time change, the offered supplements should also change to those that will be the most desirable. What will be the benefit in 2019? How to motivate employees in the next year?

Meals from the Employer – number one in 2019!

benefity dla pracowników - trendy na 2019 lunch

Care for the health and well-being of employees is one of the priorities facing today’s HR-sheep. By offering subsidies for meals The employer helps not only to balance the diet, but also helps to save time, which is often devoted in the evenings to the preparation of lunch boxes for work. The proposal of a benefit, which includes a free dinner, is not only an opportunity to use the employee canteen. Ideally, the BenefitLunch card seems to be – coded on the number of meals chosen by the Employer in the month, it allows access to a very wide range of restaurants.

Flexible working hours – an ideal benefit for every employee

Almost every employee thinks that the possibility of partial remote work or free use of working time during the week would be an ideal incentive solution. We live faster and faster and we have more and more classes, which is why the maximum compensation for time spent at work is good for everyone. However, not every employer can afford to reduce the number of hours spent at the office. Increasingly, however, are introduced the facilities that help shorten the time devoted to commuting to work – for example, co-financing for public transport tickets or bicycles, as well as carsharing. Often companies also decide to work remotely – at least once a month and actually flexible working hours. The employee still has to “make up his or her eight hours”, but he or she starts work at any time.

MultiSport – a trend for years for many years!

benefity dla pracowników - trendy na 2019 sport

Gym entry and fitness classes have been a popular benefit for many years. Invariably, it is a very welcome addition to remuneration, in some cases even mandatory. To follow trends and help in motivation to work on your body, we can, thanks to the components of the MultiSport program, also take care of a balanced diet and use the advice of qualified personal trainers. All this is available in a convenient mobile application.

Freedom of choice – the most fashionable among all generations!

The ability to freely decide on spending free time is undoubtedly a trend for at least a few consecutive years. Although we follow fashion, our choices differ from each other – just as we do. Freedom in choosing non-wage benefits as well as the place and time of their implementation is a unique motivational system, giving satisfaction to the employees and convenience of the management. By providing employees with a platform full of various benefits, the Employer leaves them free choice, so that they can change their decisions on a regular basis and try something new.

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