Restart Holiday – a new way for a quick vacation (with funding from the employer)

Restart Holiday is a new concept in holiday related terminology. It means taking a day off in the middle of the week to “recharge your batteries” and regenerate your strength by taking your thoughts away from work. Who has never dreamed of getting out of work and going for ice cream in a nearby park, escape for a walk in the woods or lie on the beach by the lake?

Restart Holiday – more than just a vacation

Due to the continuous development of companies, the intensity of our work also increases. We live in constant stress and run. We implement the project after the project, dreaming of vacation to catch your breath for a moment. Unfortunately, a two-week vacation once a year is not enough to keep a balance between work and private life. And what if we split the allocation of vacation days into more effective vacation days? And we will use it when we need it especially? If the employer had subsidized the leave to relieve our household budget …

Let’s look at the numbers: after working 10 years on a contract of employment (in any organization) we are entitled to 26 days of holiday a year. By subtracting the two-week basic holiday, we have 16 days free to use. Let’s subtract about 4 more days for the holiday time and 3 days, which are worth using to supplement the long weekends to get a few days’ rest. After considering all these occasions, we still have 9 days of vacation – that’s a lot! If we plan them well, we will have a day off in the middle of the week once every nine months. One day just for yourself! How to use it effectively?

Intensive mini vacation in the mountains


Do you live in the south of Poland? Take advantage of it and set out on mountain trails! You will recharge your batteries, enjoy your eyes with beautiful views, build great memories to which you will be happy to come back. You will overcome your weaknesses or relax in nature. Such a day will definitely not be wasted!

Trip to the sea with friends

The Baltic Sea is also great off the holiday season! How about a long walk along the seashore, on the delicate sand that spills under bare feet? Unusual sensory sensations will help you calm your broken nerves and calm down after your last office meetings. Take your friends and watch a charming sunset together, biting a pizza on the beach …

Vacation out of the city

You don’t have to go to the extreme parts of Poland to rest. One day off is a great opportunity to get out of town – for a walk in the woods, for kayaks or visiting the castle. Get on your bike and ride! Organize a picnic in a place you’ve never been to.

Free time in your city

A day off in the city does not have to mean home boredom. There are many more possibilities! Go to the cinema for the long-awaited premiere, or a trip to the ZOO and visit the tigers. If your spine suffers from sitting at your desk, a session in the massage salon is perfect. Do you need some activity? Jump into the pool, trampoline park or climbing wall.

You don’t have any plans for your day off? Log in to the MyBenefit Cafeteria and take advantage of our inspirations! You can finance your vacation plans thanks to points from the Employer. Choose exactly the benefits that will allow you to relax a bit. You deserve it!

Be active as you like!

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