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Bleisure: a journey full of benefits

Who among us does not like travel? We have our dreams, and each of them is to give us pleasure and satisfaction. Modern reality gives us a lot of great opportunities to combine business and private travel into one!

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Restart Holiday - a new way for a quick vacation (with funding from the employer)

Who has never dreamed of getting out of work for ice cream in a nearby park or escape for a walk in the woods? Restart holiday with funding from the employer will be an ideal idea!

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Turn market trends into modern non-wage benefits!

We are very different, and each of us has our favorite non-wage benefits! We are looking for new impressions, which is why we choose and test all benefits on ourselves.

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The sports card is a proven way for employees' health

Physical exercises have a beneficial effect on health and well-being, unload emotions and counteract depression. All thanks to one sports card!

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Turn 26 days of vacation into many days of effective rest

Effective and full of attractions rest will be long remembered by our employees. It will also be one of the most appreciated benefits!

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