The sports card is a proven way for employees’ health

The popularity of active leisure is growing every year! Almost everyone can name a sport today as a hobby. For many, sport has become a passion, and for some, a way of life. Fortunately – scientific research confirms the positive impact of regular sports on health!

Sport – a benefit for employees’ health

Employers often struggle with employee absences, especially in the autumn and winter due to illness. Sometimes it’s only a few days off, and sometimes unfortunately a long-term absence. There is a shortage of hands to work and the level of involvement in the organization is reduced by the excess of responsibilities that other employees must take over from their absent colleagues. How to avoid it or at least minimize the number of absenteeism in the company? More physical activities during the day will definitely help!

Research shows that regular physical activity has a positive effect not only on metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight. First of all, it reduces the likelihood of developing many diseases, and also improves your mood. During the training, blood supply and nutrition of the joints improves, which translates into greater strength and increased range of motion. The heart begins to work more economically, lung capacity increases, and new nerve cells and connections between them are created in the brain. Bones become more elastic and resistant to injuries, muscles in turn stronger and more durable. Increased activity improves blood circulation, and better blood circulation is better oxygenated body, regulated pressure and slowed down aging processes! In addition, all processes that occur in the body during sports, strengthen the immune system, which improves our innate immunity.

Sports card – a healthy benefit in your company

Sports cards have been one of the most popular non-wage benefits on the Polish market for years. In order to create a strong team full of energy and new ideas, employers are guided by the principle “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. By offering employees sports cards they give them the opportunity to conveniently use many sports clubs and centers, and thus engage in a wide range of disciplines and exercises regularly.

During exercise, endorphins are released – happiness hormones favorably affect the well-being, which significantly reduces the likelihood of developing depression, and on a daily basis help to discharge negative emotions and increase pain resistance. Sports successes strengthen our confidence and self-esteem. By activating employees with the help of a sports card, employers have a direct impact on improving their mood and mental performance, e.g. increasing their ability to memorize. In one simple way, the employer cares about the physical shape of employees, their health and well-being – becomes a coach of their happiness and sense of value!


Sport – a benefit for everyone. Just as you like!

Each of us is different and different things make them happy, and nobody should be forced to perform competitive sport. The most important thing, however, is not to sit at the desk or on the couch, because it can have a terrible effect on our health in the future. Even 30 minutes of activity per day is enough – a walk, cycling, swimming pool, or even the choice of stairs instead of an elevator – such small things also matter!

By offering sports cards, employers give people much more than just the opportunity to practice the most popular sports. Thanks to the card, employees freely choose from a wide range of sports and recreational activities, being able to adjust the type of activity to their own preferences and possibilities. With the sports card you can use the gym, fitness classes or swimming pool, but also do yoga or learn to dance, climb and squash. Everyone can be an athlete – just as they like!

Card – a benefit in a convenient form

Employers, in order to provide employees with a sense of security and comfort and take care of their health, often decide to introduce a private medical care package to the benefits offer. But medical care is not everything! As you know – prevention is better than cure. The freedom to use so many possibilities and organized sports activities, closed in the form of an easy-to-use card, is the most convenient solution for both employees and the employer who wants to subsidize such a benefit. Swimming pool in the morning, martial arts classes after work, and sauna with friends in the evening? Employees decide when, where and what they will use and do not have to have many passes from various sports facilities. A sports card is just one benefit, and it gives people so many possibilities!

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