Turn market trends into modern non-wage benefits!

The MyBenefit cafeteria gives you thousands of options to choose non-wage benefits. Among them, employees will find classics loved by everyone, such as cinema or theater tickets, but also market novelties that will keep them up to date and keep pace with the rapidly changing world!

Modern non-wage benefits


Tracking trends in employee benefits is our everyday life – we’ve been doing this for years. However, we specialize in converting market news into completely new benefits! Thanks to this, we can provide employees in Poland with interesting offers first and second only with the highest quality. How we do it? It’s simple – we test the benefits on ourselves! In order not to be groundless we have created a list of the most fashionable benefits of the upcoming season in our company!

Discover the 5 most interesting benefits selected by our employees!


#Agata from the marketing department: FLIGHT SIMULATOR

I’ve always dreamed of being a pilot! The possibility to pilot such a huge machine in the clouds, over cities, mountains or just the heads of people – it seemed exciting to me. And finally, I could check if I like this adrenaline! It was amazing, great fun, energy, great emotions. I recommend to everyone!



#Mariusz from the sales department: VIRTUAL REALITY

I admit, I am afraid of heights … that’s why virtual reality was a great test for me – I wanted to see if Rollercoaster is an attraction for me. Effect? Thundering! I can’t remember the last time I had such a great time! I will definitely use this benefit again – this time I will take my wife and friends with me!



#Kamila from the e-commerce department: SLEEP CAFÉ

The best benefit in a Cafeteria, worth spending all your points! Coming out of the Cafe I felt like I was at the same time in a SPA, having a massage and … on a paradise vacation! You can regain both inner peace and children’s joy. I really felt every second in the café that I spent there. An amazing experience!



 #Asia from the sales department: DOLL SEWING COURSE


Finally, I can sew my child a doll. I have tried it before, but only now the doll has straight arms, legs and looks like from a designer store! It gave me incredible pleasure and was great fun already at the creation stage, and now I am additionally happy every time I watch my daughter play and say that this is her favorite doll!



#Maciek from the e-commerce department: BENEFITLUNCH


Meals from the employer are number 1 for me! I try to eat regularly, but I am always busy, so I don’t have time to prepare wholesome meals by myself. Since I have a BenefitLunch card in my wallet, I not only can I keep a balanced diet, but also save money! Eating out is not cheap, and with a Benefitlunch card paying for lunch does not cost me anything”


Non-wage benefits for all occasions

As you can see, we are all different – we have different preferences and our favorite activities, and thus our favorite benefits! We’re constantly looking for new experiences, which is why we choose, research, check and test the benefits on ourselves! All to give you the best. Check, see for yourself what benefit will be your favorite in the upcoming season. Be active as you like!

So you want to know about the best benefits available to your employees immediately? Make an appointment for a Cafeteria presentation!

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