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Added: 20.08.2019

It is widely known that motivation at work is the key to personal, team and company success. You need to care for and invest in motivation. Education and entertainment, good relations, work culture, benefits and smiles. There are many ways. Employers are successfully entering the campaign!

Motivation at work a vaccination for burnout

Although the term ‘occupational burnout’ is not new – this phenomenon has been talked about since the 1970s – but in recent months it has appeared again in the headings of many newspapers and in news releases on both sides of the Atlantic. All thanks to the World Health Organization (WHO), which has placed burnout in the latest International Classification of Diseases and Health Problems. Its symptoms include permanent exhaustion, lack of job satisfaction, negative attitude to everyday duties, as well as people with whom you cooperate. It is not a disease, although it has a bad effect on both our health and career. It is worth to “get vaccinated”. Think about how to prevent and prevent burn-out before it leads us to the doctor’s office. The right motivation at work can help!

Motivation is clear rules of cooperation

It is worth taking care of employee motivation from the very beginning. Provide time in the first weeks or months for them to get to know the company and other team members, as well as the principles of work and the expectations towards them. First of all, it is worth ensuring that employees feel that the workplace is shaped by people just like them. It is important that the workplace is characterized by a specific culture of work and coexistence, while maintaining employees’ own preferences and habits. Nowadays, employers should carefully listen to employees’ opinions and encourage them to express them. Give the feeling that they matter, regardless of your position.

Individual motivating course

The increase in motivation at work, and thus – job satisfaction, also results from the individual approach to the employee. At the same time, an employer who tries to treat everyone in a special way, get to know the employee and their talents is an employer aware of the possibilities of the whole team, thanks to which they can properly stimulate the development of employees. An investment in employee motivation always pays off. Not only will they be happier and healthier, but also more dedicated to their work. In addition to professional courses, it is also worth opening up to the ideas of subordinates. This will also increase their sense of value and agency. You should not be afraid of transferring responsibility, autonomy in making decisions or implementation of entrusted tasks according to independent scenarios. A manager who feels that he is trusted and believes in his abilities is motivated to take on new and bigger challenges.

Work motivation based on gratification

The motivation at work is also influenced by the gratification system. It is worth considering bonuses, allowances and benefits, but it is a good relationship with the employee, built on the basis of trust and fair settlement of the tasks entrusted to them, increases efficiency and productivity. Research shows that for many employees, words of recognition often mean more than money. And it doesn’t matter if success is a kind of milestone in the project or just a small victory during the day. Praising employees and recognizing their merits as elements that contribute to the company’s success create a healthy environment and strengthen motivation at work.

Motivational games

Of course, you can have fun together at work or after work, which also has a positive effect on motivation. Trips and integration games, special events, and benefits enabling employees to rest and entertain are equally popular in the United States and Europe. A little fun can also be entered simply on the agenda. For some, birthdays are important, for others – sports achievements or successes in the area of their passions. It is worth finding time to celebrate with employees what is important to them. This not only proves that the employer cares for the team, but also participates in their personal life with interest.

Learn because motivation is the key to power

Employers can influence motivation at work in many different ways and, contrary to appearances, it is not always about combining business with pleasure, that is having fun with work. Education is very important nowadays, which does not have to end with the receipt of a university diploma or cost thousands of zlotys, as in the case of post-graduate studies. Professional development, thus raising qualifications and competences, is today a priority and benefit for many people, both employers and employees. So how do you motivate the team to grow constantly? It is worth offering the opportunity for further education. Learn about the professional aspirations of employees and their interests, and then help them sign up for selected classes, propose an additional internship, organize special training or workshops. Thanks to this, not only will employees’ knowledge increase, but also their belief in the value of their skills for the company.

A well-coordinated team guarantees motivation to work together

Speaking of the work environment, one cannot forget that it is good relations between employers and employees that influence how people feel in a given place, how they approach daily challenges and how they deal with problems. But communication is also important inside the team, so remember about team building. Apparently, friendships at work increase a sense of belonging. However, if subordinates think of themselves only as colleagues, they should feel at ease in their company, and at the same time know their role and its importance. Good interpersonal contacts translate into collective motivation at work and successful cooperation, in which employees can also learn a lot from each other, regardless of whether they are sitting in one office or on two sides of the ocean.

Motivation needed for happiness

Today, the needs of employees are almost equal to the needs of employers, because only their good cooperation can bring measurable benefits and lead to success for both sides. Therefore, motivation is a very important factor at every stage of employment, also if employment in the same company has been going on for several years. All this time, it is worth not only to express expectations, set goals and tasks – for yourself and others, but also to try to meet and meet the needs – individual and shared. Because motivation is needed for all of us to be happy!

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